Top Health Benefits Of Tamarind

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Do you like eating sweet and sour? Well, there are so many foods nowadays with sweet and sour taste. And they taste good. Think about a fruit with a sweet and sour taste. What comes into your mind first? Yes, it’s a tamarind. But a tamarind is sour when it is raw and sweet when it is ripe.

When I was young, I used to climb the tamarind tree in our backyard to pick its ripe fruits. I noticed that tamarinds bear so much fruit that they only fell on the ground. Because of that, I just picked the fallen pod-like fruit on the ground and ate them. So sweet.

Tamarind is native to tropical Africa, but it can be found in many countries nowadays especially in tropical regions. The pod-like fruit called “tamarind” has a distinctive sweet and sour taste. Its scientific name is Tamarindus indica which is normally used in many food recipes around the world. Raw tamarinds are normally sour and its sourness is hard to bear. Well, for those who are fond of eating raw tamarind, I salute you.

There are so many products produced out of tamarind. Candies, seasonings, juices, sauce, to name some. And, aside from the distinctive sweet and sour taste of the fruit, we can enumerate so many health benefits that we can get from this fruit. You will be surprised by what you will read.

But before that, you may have tasted the delicious sweet and sour tamarind candy. These candies are available in the market. I have tasted tamarind juice already and I liked it. Nowadays, more and more tamarind products are emerging in the market because people like to innovate.

At home, you can think of different ways to process tamarind to turn it into food. You will soon see that aside from being an ingredient in a viand, it can also be a source of hope for different health problems. Well, do not judge the tamarind by its sour taste. Because you will also taste its sweetness. Here are the top health benefits of tamarind.

Acts as laxative. Laxative stimulates evacuation of the bowels. The pulp of this fruit acts as laxative and can help you in your bowel movement due to its dietary fiber. Worry not anymore for your sluggish bowel movement because tamarind pulp is here to help you.

Lowers level of bad cholesterol. Because of the presence of phenols, tamarind has the capacity to lower bad cholesterol which is responsible for a healthy cardiovascular system.

Can cure fever and chills. You might not have heard about this but the leaves of tamarind can cure fever and chills. This is an acceptable practice by medical experts who are promoting herbal tea. They have found out that putting tamarind leaves extract is effective.

Good for sore throat. If you have a sore throat, diluted tamarind paste is good for you. Aside from this, it can also cure infected throats. Just make sure that you are gargling with lukewarm tamarind water.

Cures mouth ulcer. Because of its cooling effect, it can cure mouth ulcer. Just make use of tamarind pulp if you want to try. You can combine this with crushed mint herb for good result.

Good for red blood cell production. Your red blood cell has haemoglobin which is a protein responsible for carrying oxygen. Aside from that, red blood cell also removes carbon dioxide from your body through exhaling. Due to minerals and vitamins in tamarind, red blood cell production is ensured, essential for health cardiovascular system.

Remedy for Vitamin C deficiency. When you experience splitting hair, gingivitis, rough and dry skin, nosebleeds, you might be suffering from Vitamin C deficiency. Fight this deficiency with the pulp of tamarind.

Good for bone health. If you have problems with your bone, there are so many things in your life that will be affected. The minerals present in tamarind can help you solve this problem. It will strengthen your bone.

For healthy muscle function. Your muscle plays a huge role in your life. In fact, you cannot survive when your muscle will not function well. Include tamarind in your diet so that you will be assured with healthy muscle function.

Those are the top health benefits of tamarind. It is amazing how this pod-like fruit is capable of promoting good health to everyone. Well, not all countries have abundant tamarind supply. But if you want to add tamarind to your diet despite of its lacking, you can buy processed tamarind products.

There are so many recipes made out of tamarind. In some countries, this pod-like fruit is used to come up with a good meal.

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