How To Stop Smoking Slowly But Surely

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If there is one vice that is hard to stop instantly, it is smoking. This pleasurable habit is famous around the world. We can see famous people from history who smoke. And aside from the fact that it is pleasurable, many people can’t get away easily from this habit no matter how hard they try.

If you are observant, there is always a precaution given by every cigarette company about the dangers of smoking to people’s health. Well, that is mandatory for them, especially if they are going to advertise their products on television.

Several campaigns have been made in order to ban smoking in public places and it lessened the threat that people can get from second hand smoke. Study shows that second hand smoke can cause more damage to non-smokers than smokers.

The dangers of smoking have been informed to the public, but there is still a huge number of people who are engaged in smoking because of influence and addiction. As you get older, you will pay the price of smoking during your younger years. And we can hear stories of aged people who wish they’d never tried smoking when they were still young because of their suffering.

Well, if you are one of those people who find it hard to quit smoking, this is the right article for you. Right now, we will give you some tips that you can consider with a little explanation on how to stop smoking slowly but surely.

Buy only a few cigarettes when you feel like smoking. Well, quitting is not easy, right? And because of that, you will still smoke while fighting for this habit. It is a good idea for you to buy only a few sticks of cigarette, if that is possible, in order to avoid temptation. When you are all alone in your room and you have nothing to do, you normally smoke. If you have cartons of cigarette stored in your room, you will be tempted to smoke more. Bear in mind that cigarette temptation is hard to fight. This is the very reason why you have to remove temptations from your room.

Cite the reasons why you need to quit smoking. There must be a good reason why you need to quit smoking. Well, probably you are scared of the health consequences, like lung cancer. Another reason might be your relationship is threaten by your habit. You have to list down the good reasons why you need to quit smoking so that you will be inspired to do it. Oftentimes, people decide to quit smoking only to get tired in the middle and go back to the original habit. Do not get tired of your endeavor. You have to make up your mind and list down the benefits that you can get from it. Read that always so that you will be motivated.

Join groups. There are groups that are, just like you, dedicated to quitting smoking. If you have the chance, join them. You will get to hear their stories and the battles they’ve been fighting for years. You may be amazed that most of them are just like you. Sometimes it is hard to fight a battle all alone, right? Well, if that is the case, you need someone to help you fight the battle. And besides, most groups have their coaches. You need help on this one.

Keep yourself busy. If you are idle all throughout the day, there is a tendency for you to smoke. As much as possible, keep yourself busy so that smoking has no chance to enter your mind. Get a job if you don’t have any. You will only think about smoking if you keep staying in your room. Go out and get some sunshine and do exercises. You need to improve your health. Do household chores if you must. Look at what you can do at home that nobody has the time doing. You will be amazed of the impression that you will leave in the hearts of others. These are good alternatives to your smoking habit.

Manage your timeline. The moment you have decided to quit smoking, you should have a target date in order for the goal to be accomplished. Some people quit smoking earlier than others. Well, you can estimate the time when you will be able to fully quit smoking based from your own observation. You have to manage your timeline because there must be a date for that to happen. Quitting is not easy, right? But you must set a goal.

Post something on your bulletin or wall. There are so many good sayings about quitting smoking, motivation, determination, etc. Why not print them and post them on your wall. I am not just talking about your Facebook wall or desktop, though that’s a good idea, but the walls of your house so that you can read them always. You can make them visible on the portions of the house where you stay always. That will remind you always that you are fighting a battle and you can’t give up on it.

Reward yourself. It is not easy to quit smoking that is why for every achievement of yours, you need to reward yourself. Treat yourself for a spa, outing, dinner, etc. You can also buy yourself clothing. You can do activities that you like the most and give it to yourself as a reward. You can also bring your special someone with you or any member of the family. As long as it is rewarding and it will surely motivate you to quit smoking all the more, do it. Don’t deprive yourself of this.

Stay away from the company of smokers for a moment. It is really hard to quit smoking when there is peer pressure. So, as much as possible, you have to be on your own and choose friends who are supportive of your campaign. You are not going to give up your friendship; it’s just that you have a priority. Smoking cannot be avoided during special events such as anniversaries. So, if you sense that danger is coming, and you will indulge in smoking, go away.

Do the hard things. Well, if there is something that you can do for your smoking, it is the hard thing. You might exert efforts in saying “NO.” This is the best thing to do. Just learn to say “NO” no matter what the consequence is. After doing this, you need to explain to them why. Believe me, they will understand you.

Evaluate yourself. You need an honest evaluation of yourself regarding your improvement. If the improvement is slow, probably you need to double your effort. An honest evaluation will give you good results.

If there is one thing that you need to do now when you think you are smoking too much is quitting. Let those smoking sessions in the past remain be a memory to you. If you are woman, smoking is extremely dangerous during your pregnancy. You have to quit it as early as possible, because when you get pregnant, you might have the desire for it. You are doing this not only for yourself, but for your future child as well.

So, if smoking is your problem. Do the these things.

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