Smart Ways To Handle Emergency Situations

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I know you will agree with me when I say that handling an emergency situation is not easy. Well, for those who work in the emergency section of the hospital, it is a common task for them. The thing is they are not intimidated and overwhelmed anymore of the scenarios they see because of their work experience. They see emergency situations daily. They deal with patients. Sometimes their patients survive, sometimes they do not.

For ordinary person like you who does not work in the emergency situation of a hospital, you may have a hard time dealing with emergency situations, say, you are the one who will respond because of your presence. What will you do? Well, there are times probably when you can’t think of things to say and do. You might panic over what you have seen such as an unconscious person.

Some common emergency situations are heart attack, getting burned, seizure, and the like. And these emergency situations require immediate attention. Again, if you are the one only person present and available in the scene, you should consider these smart ways to handle emergency situations.

Remember, there is life involved here so you must do your best to call for help or bring that person to the emergency section of the hospital.

Take a deep breath and stay calm. It is not easy to stay calm during emergency situations but it is possible. The first thing that you need to do is take a deep breath, allowing the oxygen to enter your body. That will boost your brain’s focus. Stressful condition believes to cause blocking of oxygen in the brain. As a result, you will not be able to think clearly and your decision making will be affected. Take a deep breath and stay calm. You have to protect yourself from hyperventilating of passing out because that will not help the victim. Just do your best to stay calm.

Once you have achieved the level of calmness you need, you will be able to act and respond quickly to the situation. You have to do the right thing. And that will only be possible if you can calm yourself. Do not be hasty on your decision but do not also be slow. Remember that this is an emergency situation.

Think before you act. Well, do not be hasty in doing anything. Instead, think before you act. You will be able to do the right actions once you have determined the nature of the emergency situation. You knowledge about first aide can help a lot during emergency situations. Just do not do things that you can’t. If you doubt your ability about a certain thing, it is better to wait for the right person to do that than take a risk. Remember that life is involved here.

Make use of any possible ways to call for help. You have to check if there are people around who can help you during emergency situations. There are situations when you need to carry someone but you cant. And, if there is someone to help you, he will be able to prepare other things and you will save time. If you reside in an area where houses are close to each other, you can probably shout at the window to get someone’s attention. But just in case you are in a secluded place, you can call someone over the phone. You can also use social media when needed. Just make use of any possible ways to call other’s attention. Call 911 when you can.

Be positive. Once you have done your part and you are just waiting for the emergency team to come, relax. Drink water and fan yourself. Take a deep breath and be positive that things will be okay. By that, you will be able to increase your fighting spirit. If you can talk to the victim, keep a positive attitude. Assure him that he doesn’t need to panic because things will be okay. Do not let him see the worries in you because that will not help. Being positive really goes a long way.

Ask questions to the victim. Once you ask questions to the victim, make sure that these are basic questions that he can answer. You may ask his name, age, address, etc. in order to determine his mental status. You will also need the information once you will report the incident. Again, asks questions to the victim but make sure he can answer those. Once the victim cannot respond to your queries, do not force him to. He might be under a difficult or painful situation.

Stay focused. You need to stay focused to the situation in order to help the victim. Sometimes there are more than one victims and if that is the case, you have to check who among them experienced severe damage and need immediate action. Do not be distracted by anything and put all your thoughts to the situation so that you will be able to make the right actions. If you stay focused, you will be able to become calmer.

Speak clearly on the phone. You might start talking and talking when you are already on the phone and that is not a good idea. Remember that the one who is talking with you on the phone needs the necessary details about the incident so that they can respond immediately. Just stay calm and focus on what you are saying. You need to speak slowly and clearly because you are using a device and there are interrupters out there. Once you have said what you need to say, you have to listen to the instructions of the one on the phone as well. There should be a clear communication between you and the person at the end of the line so that quick and proper response will be made for the victim.

Being able to handle emergency situations smartly can increase the victim’s tendency to survive. If you want to increase in knowledge and skills on what to do during emergency situations, you might want to enrol on a training class.

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