Several Ways To Be A Thinker And Improve Your Critical Thinking

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Well, if you are going to assess your brain power, what would be the result? Do you think you have exceptional skills to be considered a thinker? A thinker is not just an ordinary person thinking. We all think – that’s a reality. When we move, it is because we thought about it. When we hold something, it is because our brain instructed us to use our hands and grab something. Well, those are basic functions that we do daily that does not necessarily define a “thinker.” Again, just because you are using your brain doesn’t mean you are already a thinker. There is more to that.

A thinker is something who is creative enough to use his brain in solving problems, finding ways, and suggesting ideas. Companies normally hire thinkers as an asset. The thing is if you have a thinker in your company, there is someone who will do the planning and creating ways in order to come up with a profitable program.

And do you want to become a thinker? Well, everyone has the potential to become thinker. Yes, you, the one who is reading this article have the potential to become a thinker if you will only consider the several ways that we are going to share to you below. You just have to be consistent in training your brain in thinking out of the box and coming up with a good solution to a problem.

List down the problems. In listing down the problems, you are going to do it in a manner that is easy for you to understand. Have your own notebook or computer where you are going to list down the problems. Well, if there is no problem to solve, what are you going to think about? Most of the time we think about a solution without having a clear list of the problem and come up with something that is not helpful. Make it a habit of listing down the problems so that you can come up with a good solution. Once you have listed down the problems, the next thing that you will do is test each item and  know whether they are in need of solution or not.

Look at both sides of the issue. We are prone to committing mistakes in terms of solving problems because we take sides. And that is something that you need to avoid. A thinker always looks at both sides of the issue and make careful judgment or conclusion. In order for you to do that, you need gathering of data and careful evaluation of what of what you have gathered. Being open-minded and fair is the key to this. Just look at both sides of the issue and be objective with your approach.

Solve one problem at a time. If you would like to have an excellent result to what you are solving, you have to solve one problem at a time only. Though you have the capacity to do multitasking with other problems, it is still better to do it one by one. With this, you are going to exert more efforts and concentrate more on the problem. If your concentration is divided, the quality of your thinking is lessened. Focus on what you need to do one by one and you will see a better result.

Set a goal. You have to set a goal as a thinker. Your goal may be about what you are solving or about yourself. It would be better if you have goals on both. You have to set goals, for example, that you will be able to accomplish something in a particular date. And, on your part, that you will be able to increase in knowledge and thinking ability. Well, you should have your own way of measuring your improvement or you can ask someone to do this for you. Goal setting is important in becoming a thinker. Just think about it.

Research. People who are fond of doing research easily increase in knowledge that makes them thinkers. On your part, do not depart from this activity. Have something to read and do research always. There are reading materials that you can purchase that will challenge your mind. Well, a thinker’s mind is always busy on worthwhile things. Make this also your habit. Also, intelligent people are readers and researchers as well.

Look at problems from different angles. Well, there are many ways to catch a lion, they say. And that is true. A certain problem has many cures. And most of the time we only do what we know or what we used to. If you are a thinker, it delights you to think of solutions to a problem from different angles. Do not think about that as a waste of time because you are training yourself to be good at analysing and coming up with a good solution. Just look at the problems from different angles and solve. If you are going to look at a math problem, there are many ways to come up with the solution. But if you can be creative enough to come up with a solution going through a different process that is a sign that you are really thinking.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Well, what can you gain from trying something new? Experience. And people who have lots of experiences are often clever enough to solve a particular problem. Do not be afraid to try something new. You are just adding more to your experience as a thinker. You are widening your horizon of thinking and expanding your area of understanding. Play games that you have not played before. Solve problems that you have not tried solving. Learn new things that you do not know. Just try.

Have an ample amount of sleep. Well, you need to sleep. That is mandatory to those who would like to become a thinker. When you sleep, aside from the fact that you are avoiding sleep deprivation-related illnesses, this is your way to protect your brain which is your biggest asset.

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