Several Ways To Bring Back Moisture To Your Skin

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If there is one particular part of your body that you need to maintain most of the time, it is the skin. Well, this is the most obvious part of our body. Your appearance is determined by the color of your skin in the form of complexion. With this, you have to maintain it, not necessarily whiten it, but maintain its moisture to keep it healthy.

During summer, people experience dry skin. And having a dry skin gives uncomfortable feeling. The topmost layer of the skin called stratum corneum should be moisturized always in order to avoid being scaly, rough, and cracked. And nowadays, too many beauty products have been introduced in order to solve the problems on dry skin. Well, it’s up to you to choose among those products what you think is effective. But at this point in time, let me just give you some tips on how to bring back that moisture to your skin. These are easy to apply, practical tips.

Moisturize always. This is the best thing to do to bring back moisture to your skin. Well, as the term (moisturize) suggests, you need to put a lot of moisture to your skin to avoid dryness. Nowadays, there are so many types of lotion or cream that you can purchase in the market, and as what I have said, you need to choose among a wide variety of products what’s best for you.

It is advisable for you to apply lotion to your skin after bath while you are still damp. But applying lotion or any other moisturizers is not only done after taking a bath. In fact, you can also do this before going to sleep or any time of the day when your skin needs it.

There are lotions that have SPF formula that protects your skin from harmful effects of too much sunlight. The higher the SPF, the higher the protection. While this is good to use for your skin, especially if you are going to the beach, it is still advisable to be careful. The safest thing to do is get rid of too much sunlight.

Avoid alcohol. It is still debatable nowadays if alcohol really has an effect on the skin of anyone. And though it is still on the process of confirmation, there is a comparison between the skin of alcoholics and not. The thing is alcoholics tend to have drier and wrinkled skin as compared to those who are not drinking at all. And because of this, it is advisable for everyone to avoid alcohol in order to avoid dry skin. Well, aside from dry skin, there are so many health hazards that alcohol can bring to the body. It is really good to avoid it.

Do not over wash skin with soap. Because of the desire to maintain a clean skin, we normally over wash it with soap and water without knowing that it harms the skin’s outer layer. The best thing to do is choose the right brand of soap to use. And if you are particular with your skin’s moisture, use moisturizing soap. If it is not necessary, do not spend too much time taking a bath. Look at your skin. If it is super-dry, probably it’s about time to seek for a soap alternative.

Use bath oils. The purpose of putting oil in the water is to protect your skin. And you have to do this right. Commonly, people put bath oil in the water before getting wet. Well, that is not the right thing to do it because there is a tendency that the oil will coat the skin and prevent the water from saturating it. So, the right way of using oil bath is wet your body with water first for a while and add oil bath to it after. Another way to do this is applying directly to the skin before bathing.

It is also recommended not to spend too much time using bath oils. Less than 20 minutes of bath is good. Another thing that you need to bear in mind is your safety when using oil bath. Make sure it will not spread on the floor since it will make the floor slippery that can cause accident. Use bath oils the right way and safely.

Avoid common household products such as detergents. If you need to do your household chores and you cannot avoid having skin contact with detergents, solvents, and cleansers, you need to wear a vinyl glove. Protect your skin from these harmful household products that will not just make it dry, but damage as well. There are products that you can buy like long-handed brush if you do not want your hands soaked in dishwater.

Limit using scrubbing products. Do not be abrasive. Your skin is sensitive so scrubbing it too much may cause serious damage to the skin. Be gentle on your skin when you are taking a bath. If it is not necessary to scrub it, stop doing it. There are people who developed scales on their skin who are fond of using washcloths or sponges that are causing more harm on it. Again, be gentle on your skin. As long as you have used a moisturizing soap and you feel clean already, that’s it! No need to scrub.

Choose cool shower. Well, it is tempting always to take a hot bathe. But study shows that taking cool shower is a much better thing to do if you would like to protect your skin from getting dry. This is due to the fact that hot water draws out oil that can lead to moisture lost.

Just take a shower when it is necessary, and make sure it is cool. Just in case you still prefer having hot bathe because you are not used to cool shower, put moisturizer to your skin immediately after bath to bring back its moisture.

Use oil-based makeup. With so many makeups to choose from nowadays, you have to pick the right one. The thing is you are concerned about bringing back the moisture to your skin therefore you have to do this by using oil-based makeups. There are water-based makeups nowadays that are good to use undoubtedly but you have to make a choice if there is a better one. If you use oil-based makeup, make sure to wash this with water and mild soap in the evening before going to sleep.

These are essential things that you need to consider if you are so particular with your dry skin and you would like to bring back its moisture. Well, a healthy skin is moisturized. With all the tips that we have shared, let us know if they are effective. You can share your thoughts, experiences, and testimonies at the comment area.

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