Several Factors That Affect Your Mood

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How’s your day today? Did you wake up on the right side of bed? Well, if you are feeling grumpy this morning, there might be reason for that. And most of the time, we tend to find out what’s wrong. And in our quest for the very reason for our being “moody,” we arrive at several factors that might contributed to it.

It is essential for us to have a proper evaluation of our lifestyle. In your case, what do you do? What are the things that bothering you? Are you happy with your present status? Are you satisfied with your salary? How about your relationship? And so on, and so forth. If we are to continue asking, we might come up with a huge list of Ws. Well, it’s time for us to look at several factors that affect our mood.

The food you eat. What are you eating? Your answer to this question has great impact on your mood. In fact, the food you eat feed your brain, according to science. There are essential nutrients that you need to have that impacts your mood such as amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. And the best way for you to get these is by eating. You must be able to consume what is required for you of those nutrients because your blood sugar’s level impacts your mood a lot causing mood swings. With this, it is essential to look at the foods you eat.

When you are busy with your life, you might overlook your diet. That should not be the case. You still have to be aware of the foods that you are eating because in working, studying, and doing physical activities, you are required to use your brain. And you may not be aware that you are already having some mood swings that greatly affects the result of your endeavor. Eat right and improve your mood.

The way you exercise. The way you exercise has a huge impact on your mood. How much time do you spend daily for exercise? Well, if you are spending too little or nothing at all, it’s about time for you to improve that area of lifestyle of yours. Exercise has so many benefits for humans. When you do this, you are increasing your serotonin because of release of endorphins. Imagine the positive effects on your wellbeing just because you have spent time exercising.

Your lifestyle may be toxic. Your job may be stressful. And what more can you do that do something for your situation? Well, I have a very hectic schedule. In fact, aside from being a father, I am also a writer, a business owner, friend, son, etc. And imagine if I will not spend just a little time exercising? Well, I might have found myself 6 feet below the ground years ago. Thank you for those who inspired me to engage in exercises. I am able to improve my mood daily by doing so.

A survey conducted shows that most people who engage in exercises do this because they love to. And imagine doing the thing that you love the most. Well, aside from the physical benefits of exercises, it also has lots of contributions to the mental, psychological, and emotional aspect. So, improve your mood by exercising. You will never regret you did.

The way you think. There are two kinds of thinker: the positive and negative thinker. From where do you belong to? Your mindfulness of the issues in your life, as well as the things that took place defines your way of survival. And it is hard to survive if you are a negative thinker due to the fact that you will surely have a bad mood daily.

One of the culprits to unhappiness is overthinking. What makes you worry? What gives you anxiety? And normally, we worry about the things in our life that we cannot control. We have anxiety over things we do not know what the outcome will be.

The way you think has a huge impact on your mood. If you are having a bad mood daily because you keep on minding things that destroy your day, it’s probably time for you to seek for help. Talk to someone who can help you with your situation. Stop dwelling in a dark room when the sun is already shining outside.

The amount of sunlight you get. When you wake up in the morning what usually comes into your mind to do? Probably you are in a hurry for work and you have no time to do some other things. Do you still have time to go out into the sun to get ample amount of sunlight? Well, study shows that it affects your mood.

Happier are those who are exposed to more sunlight. I understand the fact that you are busy and you have no time anymore for this. And when you happen to arrive at your working place, you are enclosed in an air conditioned office. Well, if you have time to go out, do it. Another life hack that you can do is when you are commuting, open the window and remain on the seat where the sunlight can reach you. With that, you will be able to get more Vitamin D. This might improve your mood and make you productive during the day.

The amount of water you drink. An article we published about the several health benefits of water gives us an idea of the things that we can avail if we drink sufficient amount of this liquid. And if you are dehydrated, there is a tendency for you to become moody, according to study.

After exercising, it is essential for you to drink water for rehydration. Imagine the amount of water your body lost due to sweating. You need to replace those because if you will not do, that might affect your mood. A slight decrease in liquid in the body changes the mood. This is the reason why, in your own observation, you are irritable when you are exhausted. Drink water and take a rest and you will notice the improvement in your mood.

Your environment’s appearance. One very important thing that you need to consider, especially if you are working, is your environment. The things that you see in your environment affects your mood. If you would like to have a pleasant feeling while working, studying, or doing important task, evaluate yourself and care to know what things to see improves your mood.

Personally, I am into green things. I like putting plants in my room because I am a nature lover. I also love decorating my room so that it will look more nature-clad. Aside from that, I also make sure that there is a soft music playing in my room just to set my mood. If I do that, I will eventually take off to face the day.

The appearance of your environment is a strong factor that affects your mood. If you do not like the way it looks and you have something to change about it, do it. You can spend a little amount of money purchasing the stuff that you would like to appear in your environment. Improve your environment and improve your mood.

Your hormones. Well, a very scientific explanation on mood swings is hormonal change. You may have experienced this during your menstrual period. You feel irritable and angry and you cannot explain. The idea is a change in hormone in the body greatly affects mood because of its emotional factor.

Someone who is also taking medicine to enhance body hormones might experience change in mood and behavior. So, if you have a family member or partner with this kind of situation, it is important to exert more patience and understanding.

Your quality of sleep. Being grumpy in the morning tells a lot about your quality of sleep. With this, you are guilty of the “waking up on the wrong side of bed” syndrome. Another factor that affects your mood is your quality of sleep. A study shows that if you have poor sleep, there is a high tendency for you to become irritable, restless, and angry the next day. It’s about time for you to check your quality of sleep.

We have published an article here giving people ideas about having a quality sleep as well as avoiding several factors that might hinder them to achieve this. It is recommended for someone to get 8 hours of sleep.

You probably have an experience already about not getting enough sleep. I have this particular experience when I was in college wherein I was not able to get the right amount of sleep because I spent the whole night reviewing my notes for the next day’s exam. Well, I thought things will be much easier for me the next day because of what I did the night before because I really did my best up to the point of sacrificing my sleep but I was wrong.

During the exam proper, I was sleepy. I can’t even concentrate and I became restless on my seat. I tried understanding the questions by my comprehension suddenly dropped. Well, guess what? I’ve got a terrible result – I failed. Get enough sleep. This is so important.

Do not deprive yourself of the chance to improve your mood. Consider the things that are written above and you will see how productive you are during the day. If you need to accomplish great tasks, it is more important to improve your mood. Well, it is hard to work if you don’t feel like working. So, before starting the day, care to do one or two of the several things that we have listed and set yourself free from stress and other unnecessary feelings.

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