Secrets To Surviving Menopause

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We have lots of misconceptions about menopause. In fact, this period in a woman’s life is often dealt according to culture and superstitions. And as a woman who experiences wrinkles, vaginal dryness, loss of sex drive, thinning hair, and the like, it is hard to relax, right? And if you are in this situation right now, you might be wishing there is a time machine to go back in time when you are still young and free to do what you want. Well, to calm you down, most of the situations I have mentioned above are just myths. Also, do not confuse menopause with natural aging.

Normally, menopause takes place two years before your last menstrual period and it can last for four to five years. It can also happen again after two to three years of your last menstrual period, which means to say that the estimated menopausal ages for women are 45 and 53. Mind you, this is not always the case. There are women who menopause earlier and later. Study shows that a woman experiences menopause the same with her mother did. There are even speculations that women normally experience mood swings and depressions while on menopause but that is not always true.

If you are familiar with “hot flashes” or “flushes,” it is a period wherein someone experiences sudden, intense heat and accompanying sweating. Eight in ten women experience this, according to a study.

How old are you? Are you on menopausal period? Or, are you close to having it based from your current age? Well, the fear might be there because of stories you have listened to others. Aside from that, you probably have read stories of people who suffered during their menopausal period. Do not worry, relax. These things do not necessary happen to everyone. Right now you will learn about the secrets in order to survive menopause.

Carry with you a personal fan. It’s a fan – something that you can keep in your bag. Carry with you a personal fan so that you are prepared always when hot flashes happen. So, whether you are on a bus queue, waiting shed, office, etc. you have to carry with you a personal fan. It doesn’t have to be expensive. There are cheap personal fans out there made of woods that you can purchase. As long as it is handy and you can put it in your bag or purse, carry it. You need it the most.

Exercise. Changing roles and self-concept are two factors to consider in order to understand menopause and the mood swings and depressions that women experience in their ages 45 to 55. Aside from those, fatigue is also felt, the reason why exercise is needed such as brisk walking. There are so many women at these ages who explore their lives and join groups dedicated to exercise. Aside from the fact that they will be able to improve their physical health, exercises are good in terms of raising their spirits. You need to raise your spirit in order to fight depression. Do not forget to include exercise in your itinerary.

Just do lovemaking. During menopausal period, hormonal changes take place. And one result of hormonal change is the vaginal mucous membranes become thin and secrete less moisture. The consequence of this could be painful sexual intercourse. Well, the best solution to this is making love often. If possible, explain your condition to your partner. Sex experts even recommend several creative ways of lovemaking. Remember that this is not just for the sake of having sex with your partner, but boosting your relationship as well. As you grow old together, both of you should protect the relationship that you have built together through the years. In addition to this, using lubricant is recommended for painful lovemaking.

More calcium. It is common for everyone to lose calcium as they get older. And this can also be felt by women who are declining in their estrogen level. As a result: bone loss. You need to store calcium in your body while on menopause to protect your bones. Calcium can be obtained from dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. You can also include this in your diet if you want to.

Say no to coffee and alcohol. At your age, you might be enjoying drinking coffee. Yes, I understand. Even my mother loves drinking coffee. Aside from coffee, there are women on menopause who are alcoholic. There is a doubt that hot flashes can be triggered by caffeine and alcohol, the reason why these should be avoided. Now, if you cannot get rid of caffeine, for withdrawal can cause headache and fatigue, try decaffeinated coffee. There is always a substitute to what you are drinking. And slowly, try to find other safe drinks.

Wear loose clothing. The reason why you will do this is in order for you to deal with hot flashes. Hot flashes happens unexpectedly and it gives you uncomfortable feeling. This is your body’s response to a decline in the level of your estrogen. Just wear loose clothing that you can easily remove when you feel uncomfortable. This is good to wear especially during summer. If you are not used to wearing loose clothing, it’s about time to practice and be accustomed with it. This is for your health. Another thing that you can do is blot your face with a cool washcloth or moist towel in order to feel better.

Join support groups. Most menopause support groups are sponsored by hospitals, colleges, and NGOs. If you want to increase in awareness about your condition, it is necessary to join support groups. There you will meet people who are in your shoes. You can talk to them and discuss about your condition. There are coaches also who can help you deal with different issues in life. Being in a menopausal period is not easy. And you don’t have to deal with your situation all alone because there are support groups out there ready to take care of you.

Spend time with family. If there is another support group that will love you unconditionally, it is your family. As you face the menopausal battle, you need someone at your side to understand you and help you rise above your situation. Spend time with your family. Visit someone far you haven’t seen for a long time.

Menopause cannot scare you if you know what to do. May the tips that we have shared here guide you in your journey. Just take it easy and relax. You will get over it. Enjoy your life.

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