Practical Tips On How To Get Rid Of Insomnia

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So we have talked about the ways on how to tell if you are insomniac. And insomnia can happen to anyone, though it is more common to aged people according to study. Looking at your habits, diet, and environment, it is easy to identify the factors why you are insomniac.

And if you have identified the factors already, it is proper to do something about it or make an action or else you will stay in your situation for a long time. Remember that insomnia can stay for years.

How to get rid of insomnia? Well, this is a question that needs an answer. And hopefully, by reading this article you will be able to find the answer to your long-term problem. We cannot promise that it will work for you just because it worked for others, but we will give you several alternatives that you can probably try.

In the end, our desire is for you to be set free from the bondage of insomnia. Here are several ways that you can try. Mind you, these are practical tips.

Avoid smoking. Study shows that smokers have a more disrupted sleep. Avoid smoking, especially in the evening if you cannot sleep. Remember that cigarettes have nicotine, a kind of stimulant that can cause insomnia. Aside from the bad effect of smoking to someone’s sleeping pattern, it can also be damaging to health. So, as much as possible, keep your lungs healthy when you sleep. Smokers complain about having a hard time getting their sleep and maintaining this as well. I understand that cigarettes give that pleasurable feeling to the smoker, but it is not pleasurable to stay awake the whole night.

Avoid too much food and alcohol at night. Some think that too much alcohol, or being drunk can make them fall asleep easier. Well, while this is true to some, this may not be effective to others. There are drunk people who cannot sleep. And aside from alcohol, do not over-indulge yourself also to food at night. So, if you are fond of having your midnight or night snack, avoid it if you find it hard to sleep already.

Choose a sleeping time. Take note that each person has his own regular sleeping time. Some sleep as early as 8:00 PM while some can stay as late as past 12:00 midnight. Evaluate yourself. What is your sleeping time? Or, what time is it most likely for you to fall asleep? If you can determine your sleeping time, you will find it easier to sleep. You have to go to bed at that sleeping time because you are going to program your body to sleep and wake up at a particular time.

Deal with your anxieties. Let’s admit it. Anxiety is one of the reasons why we find it hard to go to sleep. Imagine if you are in a grave situation or problematic about something. The tendency is when you to go bed you will surely think about them. Your anxiety will block your tendency to sleep so it is advisable to stop thinking about them but it’s hard. I can only give you an advice on what to do with this since I don’t know what you are going through. You are probably going through a tough time right now and I suggest you share that to your close friend or trusted family member before going to sleep. In my case, I call someone who is not busy to share my problem and then ask for advice. After that, I will write all my anxiety so that I will be able to stop thinking about them when I am already in my bed. It is hard to deal with problems if you lack sleeping hours. Remember that nothing will change if you keep worrying.

Exercise. One of the reasons why it is hard to fall asleep at night is the tension in your body. You will feel that when you are already in bed. Why not do moderate exercise? Well, you can do the sports that you love. You can also go walking, biking, swimming, jogging, etc. Aside from the benefit of making it easier for you to fall asleep, there are also illnesses that you can avoid when you do exercise. Exercise really has so many benefits. You have to do this regularly.

Have a comfortable bed. You can have a mattress that is not too soft or too hard. In my own experience, I found it easier to sleep in a mattress that is not too soft. Well, I often feel like drowning in the water when I sleep in a soft mattress. I am not saying that it also applies to you. You can test on your own. Try sleeping in a too soft mattress and then try also on a too hard mattress. If you can sleep on one, well, that is good. Though, it is advisable to have a medium soft mattress – just enough to give you comfort on your back.

Limit sleeping at daytime. This is a common belief and it is true, that sleeping at daytime can reduce your quality of sleep in the evening. Limit it as much as possible. There are so many things to do at daytime instead of sleeping. If you are a nocturnal person, say, working on graveyard shift, it is okay to sleep at daytime. But if you are not, limit your sleeping at daytime. You will surely find it hard to sleep at night if you do so.

Make sure that your environment is restful. It is really hard to sleep in a stressful environment. Stressful environment can be a noisy environment. If your ears keep on capturing sounds from your environment, you will find it really hard to fall asleep. Keep it quiet as much as possible. Or, if you are not into “too quiet” environment, you can probably play soft music. There are people who are into dark environment and there are also people who cannot sleep without the light. Well, no matter what your preference is, as long as it is restful to you, do it. You cannot rest in a dirty environment especially if you are prone to allergy. As much as possible, keep your pillows, bed sheets, and blankets clean.

Manage disorders. Disorder, whether it’s mental or physical can cause insomnia. Imagine if you are in pain. The tendency is you will find it hard to sleep. So, if you are in this situation and find it hard to sleep, you need to consult your doctor for medication. Aside from that, people with mental disorder finds it hard to sleep. Their patterns of thinking affects their sleeping tendency.

Manage your caffeine intake. If you are drinking too much coffee and find it hard to sleep, well, it’s about time to practice discipline. You can reduce your coffee intake if you suspect that it is the reason why you are insomniac. Remember that caffeine is a stimulant. Do not drink coffee especially in the evening as it will surely keep you awake. Study shows that the effect of coffee can last up to 24 hours, depending on the person. You can try other alternatives such as milk and herbal tea.

Relax your body before going to sleep. You can do a lot of relaxation techniques before sleeping. You can take a warm bath to make yourself feel clean. You can also listen to music if that is your passion. In my case, I relax myself by writing on my diary. I find it hard to go to sleep without writing on my diary because that has become my habit already. Aside from that, I also read several pages of the book that I am currently reading. By doing so, I am able to tell myself that I have accomplished what I am supposed to be doing the whole day. Well, this is a form of relaxation for me. A time to tell that I am ready to go to sleep. For people with illnesses, you can consult your doctor and ask for his recommendation so that you will be able to relax well.

Get up from bed if you cannot sleep. If you are already in bed for an hour and cannot sleep, do not force yourself to do so. Instead, get up and do something worthwhile. You can take a walk, watch television, read a book, drink milk, etc. After doing some activities and you feel relief, try going back to bed.

These are just practical ways that you can do in order to fight insomnia. I do hope that you have learned something and the next time you will go to bed, you will be able to get your slumber. Insomnia should be dealt with. If you will not do something about it, you may find yourself under its spell for a long time. And besides, why remain insomniac if you can do something about it?


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