Muscle Pain Solutions You Can Try

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As an athlete, it is good to play the sports of your choice. There is no denying that you can spend the whole day dribbling or tossing the ball, swimming, riding, etc. But there are times when you go home tired and feel pain the next day. The thing is when you wake up the next morning you can’t move. It feels like your entire body is aching. And last thing you’ll remember is the moment you shot that ball on the ring.

As a porter, you feel like you’re Hercules. You have no problems with heavy loads. You can carry several times as heavy as you are. Whether you will go up or go down, it doesn’t matter. You do this daily for 8 hours or more and you seem unstoppable. When evening comes, the pain is there. And just like the athlete on the first paragraph, you cannot also move.

If there is one big reason for your pain, it’s overworking. You have probably pushed yourself to the limit during your training. You have extended probably several hours for it because you have a goal. And as a porter, you probably have carried more than you can carry because you want to earn more

Well, there is nothing wrong with your goal. Be extraordinary in your field. Show your strength. Show your might. But there is always a consequence which is muscle breakdown. And when that happens, you will feel the pain.

Muscle pain is common to people who are busy. In fact, even someone who lies down on his bed the whole day can experience muscle pain. And here are some muscle pain solutions that you can try if you are in the situation.

Avoid heat. If cold shower is recommended for those who have muscle pain, heat should be avoided. This is due to the fact that heat can cause soreness and stiffness of muscle. Well, since it feels good to take a warm bath, most people resort to it after a heavy workout. But it is still recommended by medicine that a cold shower should be done in order to reduce muscle trauma.

Do no proceed instantly to your activity when your cramp passes. Well, you might be tempted to proceed to your activity instantly when your cramp passes but that is not a good idea. The best thing to do when after your cramp passes is keep walking for a few minutes. The reason why you have to do this is in order for the blood to flow back into the muscle.

Do not forget to warm up. The reason why coaches see to it that their athletes have warmed up before engaging in the sports is to avoid injury. A series of stretches should be done before doing the main thing.

Give your cramp a stretch. When you are cramped, give it a stretch. Experts suggest that stretching the cramped area should be done in the opposite direction. Suppose you cannot stand on your leg. The best thing to do when that happens is sit down and stretch them. Be sure that you are stretching them the right way.

Give your muscle a gentle massage. Well, massaging your muscle won’t hurt. In fact, it will help ease sore, stiff muscles. While massaging is good for the muscle, do this gently, not forcefully. You might cause your muscle injury if you do this forcefully. Also, it is recommended for athletes to massage their muscle gently after every practice.

Go for a swim. If you can go to a swimming pool for a swim, that is a good idea. Most swimming pools have cold water which is good for your muscle. When you are in the water, your movement will definitely decrease, just enough for your muscle to be exercised. Go for a swim and enjoy. That is a good idea.

Hydrate yourself. There are so many benefits of water in your life and that includes helping you recover from muscle pain. It is believed that the reason why you easily experience cramp during hot weather is because you are losing too much liquid in the body. And the best thing to do is to replace what was lost. Now that you know this solution, it is recommended for everyone to bring water with them especially if they are about to travel.

Increase in potassium. If you are prone to experiencing cramps, you might be low in potassium, health expert explain. If that is the case, you need to store more of this nutrient in your body. The most suggested food that you can eat is banana. Include banana in your diet daily and you will see the changes.

Move slowly when in pain. You need to move but make it very slow. The thing is you still have to do simple exercises provided do not stress your muscles. Just do not sit there the whole day because that will prolong the agony of waiting for you to heal.

Stop when needed. There are muscle pains the form of cramps. And if you are a marathon athlete who experienced cramp in the middle of running, it is better to stop that sacrifice your muscle. You will pull or tear your muscle apart. Cramps are also extremely dangerous for swimmers. The reason why there should always be lifeguards looking at those who are swimming in the pool. Just stop when needed. Do not force your muscle.

Take a cold shower after a long exercise. Some fear doing this, but according to health experts it is safe to take cold shower after a long exercise. If you happened to see a race horse being washed with cold water, health experts believe that it is also applicable to humans. Just watch an Olympic game and see the athletes take icy plunges after a tough workout. Just give it a try. Cold reduces muscle trauma.

Take aspirin. Anti-inflammatory aspirin is good to take if you have muscle pain in order to reduce inflammation. Just be careful with over-the-counter medicines. There are instances when aspirin upsets your stomach, the reason why you have to take the coated one. Well, nowadays, there are several brands of aspirin to choose from. Just choose well.

Pay attention to your body’s limit. Well, you have to know your body’s limit whether in sports or work. Do not make it do something beyond its capacity. You will surely suffer. And when it says that it needs rest, give its desire

You can try these muscle pain solutions. They are easy to do

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