How To Know If Your Asthma is Controlled?

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It’s sad to know that asthma has no cure. Yes, it has no cure. Before I will reveal the things that you need to know to gauge if your asthma is controlled, let us learn more about the so-called long-term disease.

To simplify things, asthma is a condition of narrowing and inflammation of the airways. Regardless of age, asthma can attack anyone, though a study shows that it is more common during childhood days.

Your airways are important tubes to understand to have proper knowledge about asthma. The idea is these are connected to your lungs. They play a huge role in the going in and out of air from your lungs, thus, it is necessary for it to function very well.

The most common reason why airways do not function well is inflammation. And, when airways are inflamed, it results to narrowing. Imagine a narrow tube. How can a large amount of water flow from a narrow tube? Well, that is an illustration of what happens to airways when inflamed. You will find it hard to take a breath because the air is blocked due to the reaction of the inflamed airways.

The Causes

There is a cause for every disease. And normally, if you are diagnosed with one, you will crave for more knowledge to understand very well how you were able to acquire such. And with this, you can do measures on how to control or cure the disease.

What causes asthma? Well, let’s consider the following:

Honestly, the causes of asthma are unknown nowadays. So many medical practitioners and researchers conducted study on this disease in order to know the cause but to no avail.

Although it is unknown, there are several reasons that can be considered based on their studies that might contribute to the understanding of the origin and existence of this disease.


It is a common belief that if a mother or father has an asthma, there is a high tendency for their offspring to acquire the disease. Let us learn more about this. According to a study, children are able to show one of the symptoms of asthma before the age of 5, though it is hard to tell if a child has acquired the disease already. There are wheezing episodes but it is still proper to know if one of the parents has asthma; there is a sign of allergy; and wheezing continues despite the fact that the child doesn’t have a cold.


Atopy is the tendency to become hyperallergic. In 1923, Coca and Cooke coined the term, “atopy” which is characterized by the presence of any of the following: allergic rhinitis, eczema, and allergic asthma caused by hypersensitivity to allergen.

Childhood respiratory infection

It is important to know someone’s childhood history in order to know if something happened in there. The idea is childhood respiratory infection can be a cause for asthma considering the definition of the said disease.


When you are stressed, anything can happen. Though generally, stress is considered as something that triggers asthma, others count this also as one of the causes. Your wheezing and coughing may increase due to stress, thus increasing risk in your health. As much as possible, it is important to live in an environment that is stress-free so that triggering of asthma is avoided.

Contact with allergens when immune system is still developing

When our immune system is still developing, there should be no interruption to its development that might result to serious problems. Well, a child’s contact with allergens of any kind during this crucial period might be one of the causes of asthma. And because of this, parents are advised to track their kids’ environment to make sure that they are free from harm. There should be a shield around them to make sure that no allergen can affect the development of their immune system.

If you have an asthma, you surely have the desire to live normally and do the things that you need to do daily. You want to work efficiently and study earnestly in order to achieve your dreams and aspirations in life.

I personally salute you for courageously carrying yourself and facing the odds of life daily. And with that, let me just give you a checklist so that you will be able to know if your asthma is controlled.

  1. Fit to work. You know yourself. You know exactly if you are fit to work or not. One of the saddest thing about having asthma is that you still need to go to work despite the fact that you are not feeling well because of necessity. And on your part having an asthma, your level of productivity is lessened. You will know if your asthma is controlled if you are fit to work. As what I have said, there is no cure for asthma. But a proper way of handling this will give you relief and bring you back to work again.
  2. Good condition of the lungs. Have your lungs checked if you have time. With this, you will know and will be able to measure how well your lungs work. It is important to avoid smoking and air pollutants that might damage your lungs.
  3. Good sleep. For asthmatic people, they may have a hard time sleeping. The thing is asthma causes sleep disturbances because of nighttime coughing, sneezing and shortness of breath. If you have a cold, you will find it hard to sleep because of clogged nose. And how about having an asthma? Well, a controlled asthma will let you have a good sleep at night.
  4. No need for quick-relief medicine. Other term for quick-relief medicine is “rescue drug.” For someone with asthma, it is important to have quick-relief medicine with him wherever he or she will go. Asthma may take place unexpectedly. And if you are bringing out your rescue drug often, it only shows that asthma is not yet controlled. You may need to consider your lifestyle and environment for that. And if you haven’t brought out your rescue drug for a while, congratulations. Your asthma is controlled.
  5. Avoid emergency situations. As much as possible, control your asthma as it may result to emergency situation.
  6. No shortness of breath and coughing. This is the most apparent, common measure of a tamed asthma. If you can walk freely without shortness of breath and coughing, you are able to control your asthma. Admit it, it is troublesome to have shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing if you are doing an important thing.

Increase Your Concern!

Do not take for granted your condition. As what I have said, you deserve to live a life wherein you can enhance your skills and develop your personality. Do not let your condition be a hindrance to such. Remember the following:

  • Check your environment if is stressful.
  • Pay attention to your body alarms.
  • Work with your doctor.

These and other things are essential to consider in order to tame asthma. Now that you have read this. How about sharing this to your friend? You may want to give them precautions as well.

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