Keeping Your Children Safe From Burns At Home

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Fire can do a lot of harm to your properties, and it can also threaten someone’s life when it goes out of control. If you children at home, you should be more careful with using fire for the dangers are real. You probably have seen homes eaten by fire. Imagine the amount of properties wasted that were invested by the family. There is a saying, “it is better to have a property of yours stolen than your entire house burned.” Well, there is a truth in that saying. And personally, I would rather have one of my appliances stolen than my entire house devastated by fire.

It is easier to accept that a house has been turned into ashes by fire than a single life taken. Well, there should be proper awareness on how to utilize fire for the better. We cannot deny the fact that there are so many good uses of fire. We are able to cook food because of fire. We can also produce different products because of fire. Aside from these, there are many things that can be enumerated.

Let’s take it lightly. How’s your home? There are instances when accidentally, your child experiences burns. It can happen instantly and accidentally. When you accidentally pour a hot water on your skin, you experience burns. When you held a hot cover of a casserole, you experience burns. And you can cite several examples.

You will notice when you have burns when your skin becomes red. If that happens, you experience a first degree burn. Of course, when the degree increases, it means to say that the damage has become more serious. Let us just focus on first degree burn here. The idea is there are home remedies that you can do in order to alleviate pain and increase healing process. We will be publishing an article for that.

But for now, let us just focus on several tips that you can do in order to keep your children safe from burns. Here are some tips that might help you.

Keep your eyes open. Probably the first thing that you need to consider is to keep a watchful eye or keep your eyes open. You have to be in control of the entire house. Keep it safe for your children. Aside from that, you have to be aware also of the movement of your children and the corners of the house where they play and stay. You will serve as their personal babysitter in doing this, but you have to understand that it is better to keep them safe than see them suffer because of burn. There are so many possibilities at home for them to acquire burns. With this, you have to keep your eyes open and maintain an active mind.

Keep matches in an unreachable place. Well, children are fond of playing. And I bet you have experienced during your childhood days playing fire, too. Me? I enjoyed playing fire. I liked cooking and burning almost everything I saw. I even had this experience when I almost burned our house because of my carelessness. Good thing I was able to put up the fire when it was still small. Matches can be a tempting toy for children that is why you have to keep them in an unreachable place. As much as possible, keep them in a secret place where you only knows. The moment your children will learn about where you kept the matches, they will do something in order to get it. When that situation comes, you have to look for other locations where you can safely keep the matches.

Cover electrical outlets. If electrical outlets are exposed, the tendency is your children might insert something inside out of curiosity. Well, you cannot expect your children to be educated when it comes to electricity. They probably have no idea about it and it is deadly. You have to make sure that your electrical outlets are covered. If possible, plug something on them or cover them with caps so that they are not exposed. Electrical shock is dangerous. It can cause serious burns to your children worse electrocuted.

Hide electrical cords. Well, I appreciate a home where electrical cords are hidden. It has something to do with proper planning done by the electrician. If you are going to build a house, make sure that there is a proper plan for its wiring. But if you have not considered that before, no need to destroy your house only to build a new one for that. Get an advice from a professional electrician so that you will be able to hide your electrical cords that children might play with or accidently hit.

Keep your children away from the stove. Well, the stove is where burns normally happen. Again, out of curiosity, children may touch a frying pan and get burns later. When you are cooking, tell your children to stay away for they might get hit by oil when you are frying. It is hard to concentrate with your cooking when there are kids around playing. So make sure that you have instructed them that the kitchen is not a playground. If you can keep your children away from the stove, you can lessen their chances of getting burns.

Do not let them prepare their own hot drinks. I understand your desire for your children to learn things about life as early as possible. But sometimes you have to have a careful evaluation if they are ready to do something or not. When preparing their hot drinks like milk, chocolate drinks, and the like, it is better if you are the one who will pour the hot water on the cup for they might get burns if they will do this all alone. You know when they are ready to do that for themselves. But if you think they are not yet ready, don’t ever let them try. An accident might occur.

Avail fire extinguishers at home. Fire extinguishers are optional to use at home, and it depends on your country. If you would like to make sure that in times of fire you have something to use to tame it, you have to avail fire extinguisher. It is always better to be prepared in times of emergency. There are instances when you don’t have source of water to kill it. But if you have a fire extinguisher displayed there, that is of great use. And besides, fire extinguishers, not water are the best fire killers.

Educate your children about what to do during emergency situations. Not all the time you are beside your children. You go to work and sometimes you will leave them at home probably with a guardian. But during times when your help is not available and a fire happens, the best thing to do is call emergency. If a fire is reported earlier, there is enough time for the fire fighters to prepared and travel to your whereabouts before it can turn almost everything to ashes. Mobile phones nowadays are capable of sending emergency messages even if there are signal problems. Aside from that, social media plays a huge role in distress signalling.

Simple fire drills will do. Some may think that this is not necessary anymore, but I believe that educating your children regarding the exit points of the house during fire is very important. Even once, have fire drill at home and see how your children will respond to the immediate danger. Correct them about their actions and the directions to where they are escaping to. By that, you have peace in mind that when emergency situations happen due to fire, they know what to do.

These are practical tips that you can do in order to prevent burns in children at home.

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