Ingredients For Successful Cigarette Quitting

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This is a continuation of the article that we have published, “How to Stop Smoking Slowly but Surely.” And I am sure you have learned several tips on how to get rid of smoking before you run out of time. The idea is the technique that we have shared will not be effective for someone who will not consider the right ingredients for successful cigarette quitting.

We feel that there is a need to continue the topic so that you will be guided and reminded of the important things that you need to consider. With this, you will be able to do the things that we have listed on our previous article.

Now that you know what to do in order to stop smoking, there are instances when you still fail. A successful battle with smoking does not just happen easily. You have to pay the price. You have to cook the right ingredients and add them to your daily lifestyle to get a good result. And to give you an idea about these ingredients, care to read below.

Motivation. Whatever you motivation is in stopping smoking, it doesn’t matter as long as you have the desire to stop. Some are motivated by their loved ones. I remember a friend of mine in high school who stopped smoking because he was courting a girl. Well, that could be a motivation. He knew that the girl doesn’t want someone who smokes that is why he was able to stop his habit. Some are motivated to stop because of the fear for cancer and death. Well, if you will just read articles about smoking, you will know the different consequences of doing such.

While you are still motivated to quit smoking, you follow your heart. It is hard to quit something without being motivated. It is like eating salt without egg. Your motivation will lead you to a new life without cigarettes. And you should look at the bright life ahead of you if you will quit smoking. If you think you cannot do it, then read articles about people who successfully ended the habit. You can read about their struggles and how they continued to fight even if it was hard. Be motivated by true-to-life stories of these real people.

Goal. Now that you are motivated, you should set goal. Well, a life without a goal is like a boat without a sail. Let’s say the motivation is there. The reason why you are putting a goal is in order for your motivation to be directed and used properly. Are you motivated to quit smoking? Well, then set a goal and achieve it. That goal that you are going to set for yourself will serve as your marking in order to know if you are there already.

If you are on board a ship, you will definitely know if you already arrived at your destination the moment you saw the port. That port should be familiar to you. This is the same thing with setting goals for cigarette quitting. You should know where you have started and where you will be ending. So that day by day you will see the small and big improvements of your endeavour.

Vision. This may sound scholastic, but you need a vision for yourself. What do you see after a year? Well, this is in relation to your goal. A person with good vision in terms of his stopping smoking will be able to foresee what your life will look like after you have successfully fought your battle. You have to remember that the one who can easily win a battle is the one who has a vision for winning. You must see yourself as a victor.

I have been visioning a lot about my future seeing myself married with the girl I love with three kids. This is my vision. And if you were to relate this to your cigarette smoking, what do you see after a year? Can you see yourself holding still a cigarette or not? What you see is your vision. And your vision will determine your goal. Now that you have a vision, what will you do?

Understanding. Another important ingredient in order to stop smoking is “understanding.” You should know your situation and what will happen if you will not do something about it. There should be a proper evaluation of what is really happening, and it is better to base that on your feeling. What do you feel? Why do you think you are feeling that way? What will you do about it? How do you do it? If you can answer these questions, you can say that you have a better understanding of your situation.

Understanding is important. In terms of quitting smoking, you will not be able to see the sense in doing such without understanding its importance. Aside from its importance, you have to know also how to execute what you have planned.

Attitude. This is probably the most important of all. All of the things listed here will not happen without the special ingredient called “attitude.” Well, it is a matter of whether you will like doing it or not. If there is a motivation on your part, but you still fail to act on it, probably because of procrastination, there is a problem on your attitude.

Self-control is one aspect of attitude that you need to possess. When there is an urge to smoke and you realized that you should not do it, then your choice to whether do or not do is your attitude. Have a good attitude towards your battle by learning self-control.

Another good aspect of attitude is your self-esteem. Are you positive about it? Do you think you can do it? Well, you can! You only have to believe in yourself and trust your capability. Your self-esteem will keep you going despite of all of the challenges ahead. Well, there are temptations ahead but you should not stop. Throw that cigarette while you haven’t lit it up.

Application. What you have learned should be applied. What is the sense in learning all the theories about cigarette quitting if you will not apply? This is probably the hardest part of it, but so important. After reading this article, this should not just stuck on your mind. You should put into action what you have read. This is not meant to entertain you, but to help you. The information that you can get from here should also be shared to others, say your friends and family members, so that they can get over their situations just like you did.

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