Improve Your Memorization With These Techniques

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As a student, it is important to master the skill of memorization. Well, I admit I wasn’t that good in memorization when I was still in high school but it suddenly improved when I was already in college. Well, I don’t know what happened. Well, I suspect it was due to maybe to the fact that I needed it the most. College is different from high school, you know?

Someone’s memorization skill can be measured by the length of what he is memorizing. If you can memorize a paragraph, praise yourself because you still have a good memory. If you can memorize a page or two, what an excellent memory! But then again, it takes discipline in order to improve your memorization skill. You just have to consider the following techniques in order to improve your memorization skill, especially as a student.

Keep your notes organized. Your notes are important sources of things to be memorized. Well, nowadays, there are so many ways to keep notes. Some teachers nowadays require you to have notebooks but some do not. Some students are still into using pens, copying what is written in the blackboards, some prefer taking a picture of it. Although the control and the rules belong to the teacher, students nowadays still prefer doing what is effective to them.

And you, as a student should think about what is effective to you. If you are going to memorize something you need to make sure that your notes are organized and clear so that you can read the words efficiently. If you do this, your eyes will not be easily tired of staring at the letters. As much as possible keep the letters bigger, and if it is computerized, use the right font.

Do not memorize when something is bothering you. Memorization involves concentration. And the more you can concentrate, the most likely you are going to memorize what you purport to memorize. Take note that sometimes it is hard to memorize when something is bothering you, like problems. If you plan to memorize something, it is important to free yourself from any distractions. These distractions are things that suddenly pop up in your mind that will steal away your concentration. Well, do not memorize when something is bothering you, that’s the rule. If you are in this situation it is suggested for you to take a rest and schedule your memorization some other time.

Make your memorization area conducive. Before starting your memorization proper, check your area first if it is conducive for memorization. Make sure it is free from noise and other distractions. Make sure also it is free from mosquitoes and harmful substances. If the odour of the place distracts you, do something about it. You can also put designs in the surrounding if that is what you want as long as it turns out to be the best place for you to put all those words and phrases in your mind. Some people prefer playing soft instrumental music when memorizing. And while it is okay to some, it may not be effective to all.

Do not do multitasking. Well, it is understood that a student you are prone to multitasking, and that is not your fault. Because of the numerous subject loads you have, you are like a ball juggler who needs to balance things. When you are prone to multitasking, it is advisable for you to stop the other things that you are doing and just focus on your memorization. Well, multitasking while memorizing most likely fail because you need an ample amount of concentration when memorizing. You keep on repeating things until such time that they become part of your memory.

Get a good night sleep. If you would like to improve your brain’s capacity to store memories, you have to get a good night sleep. Well, study shows that people who are able to get enough sleep are most likely to remember things and have more focus. Also, when you are about to deliver what you have memorized, you are most likely to deliver it well when you have slept well the night before. If you have sleeping problems, you can refer to our articles dealing with sleep apnea and the like. As much as possible sleep early so that you can wake up early the next day.

Memorize early in the morning. If you would like to memorize well what you purport to memorize, you need to wake up early in the morning to do it. The reason for this is because your brain is still conditioned enough to function. With this, you can concentrate on what you are memorizing, leaving behind the worries of the day ahead. If you are not fond of waking up early in the morning, try sleeping early and setting your alarm clock. You need to discipline yourself on this as a student.

Play games that challenge your brain. Our body needs exercise. This is the reason why we have to challenge it through stretching, running, swimming, etc. If we fail to exercise, the functioning of our organs is affected, too. Thus, it is but proper to do this at least a few minutes or hours a day – depending on our schedule. That is the same thing with the brain. If you would like your brain to become healthy, you have to exercise it as well. Playing brain games can challenge your brain and improve memorization. Memorization plays a huge factor in your studies. Keep exercising and challenging your brain so that the easier obstacle of memorizing can be done easily.

Do not just read the words, understand too. Well, if you will just memorize the words by reading them without understanding, you can still do it. But, if you would like to have a better and faster result in terms of memorizing, it is proper to understand its concept. Memorization with understanding is a very effective way that you can consider in order to hasten your recall of things. You will have more feelings with what you are delivering when you do that aside from the fact that you will enjoy it more.

Memorization is very important. And it is not just applicable to schools. In fact, you can do memorization daily by simply remembering. It is healthy to for you to put into consideration the condition of your brain so that you will be able to avoid memory loss and other serious diseases. What are you memorizing right now? Well, it’s about time for you to grab that piece of paper and read between the lines. Don’t forget the tips we have shared to you.

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