Health Benefits Of Reading That Will Surprise You

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Not all people love to read. Well, staring at a page of letters isn’t the kind of life a person likes to live if he is into other things. And because of this, we often consider reading purely “mental” activity. It means to say that you are only using your mind when you are reading. Who knows that there also health benefits that we can get from it.

When I was young I used to read a lot of books disregarding the time I had to spend with my friends playing in the yard and getting enough sunshine. I used to spend my time inside my room that my mother often tells me to go out and mingle with other kids. Well, that was a good idea. But I didn’t like it. I used to ask for book whenever it was my birthday. My mother scolded me once in a while when I became more and more attached to reading abhorring physical activities. She stressed the fact that she was worrying about my health.

When I grew up, I carried with me that thinking that reading doesn’t have any health benefits, instead, it will just make my body weak and lazy, give me headache, and increase the risk for eye problems. When I learned about the health benefits that I can get from reading, I learned to love my habit more. In fact, I bought more books to put on my bookshelf.

And I know that being a book lover, you are curious right now about the benefits that you can get from reading. Mind you, read between the lines. The moment you become more aware of the gains that you can get from reading, you will become more bookworm as days pass by. So here are the surprising health benefits of keeping your eyes on the pages of the book.

It gives relaxation. Well, I believe in this because relaxation for me is reading books. I have a mini library at home wherein books of different kinds I bought from bookstore are kept. My habit is every weekend I go to bookstores to scout books that I can add to my collection. I don’t have specific book genre. As long as the content is interesting I buy it. And though I know that I can’t read it instantly, the thought of having a new book in my bookshelf is satisfying. And when I am home during the weekend with nothing to do, I read books. I sit on a comfy sofa and start flipping the pages. That is relaxation for me. And you can try it too.

It helps you fight Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is defined as a progressive mental deterioration that can occur in middle or old age, due to generalized degeneration of the brain. It is the most common cause of premature senility. And many people experience this disease as they grow old. In order to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, it is recommended for everyone to read. In fact, study shows that reading trivia and answering crossword puzzles can improve the performance of the brain and avoid Alzheimer’s disease. While you are still young and can still do something in order to enhance the performance of your brain and protect it from any serious problems, read. You’ll never regret you did.

It helps you sleep faster. Well, admit it or not, when you read on your bed, there is a high tendency you might fall asleep faster. Because mobile phones are common nowadays, it is but normal for everyone to face the screen of their gadget and later on, fall asleep. While staring at the gadget’s screen can be helpful, that is not healthy to the eyes. Instead, it is better to read a book and flip on the pages rather than exposing your eyes to gadget’s screen’s light. Reading relaxes your eyes and mind that will soon put you to sleep.

It increases comprehension. Another thing that is increased in reading is comprehension. You will notice a reader from a non-reader by their level of comprehension on a certain book. I am not saying that non-readers cannot comprehend well, it’s just that readers are accustomed to understanding different kinds and arrangements of sentences and paragraphs because of their experience.

It increases your focus. When you are reading, the tendency is you stop moving and just stare at the pages of the book. You tend to concentrate in order to understand the story, message, and concept of the one you picked out of the book shelf. And because of this, you are training your mind to be mentally focused. And, you will soon acquire that kind of attitude and apply that on your daily living. Focus is important in order to come up with bright ideas, good decisions, excellent concepts, etc. If you are working as an analyst, you need this skill.

It makes you intelligent. Well, this is a very basic idea and I bet you knew it already. Since books are sources of knowledge, eventually, you will become intelligent if you read them. And what can you get from being intelligent, anyway? By boosting the performance of your brain you will be able to avoid serious mental disorders. Also, it is important to know something so that you can share them others. You will have a good social life if you are a reader despite the fact that most of the time you are alone. Read a book and enjoy it. You will see the benefits are there.

You can easily relate to others. By reading you will be able to increase your empathy. Well, the characters and situations that you will encounter in the book that you are reading give you ideas on what to do when you are faced with different life situations. You may think that a novel doesn’t have benefits but it has. If you are into information books, you will surely benefit a lot of life hacks. You only have to be more careful with what you are reading because they make you and build you. Reading books that are helpful to you can give you so many benefits. And, if you can relate to others, you will gain more than just respect, but relationship.

You might think that reading doesn’t have any health benefit. Well, it’s about time to change your mind. Go, read a book!

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