Health Benefits Of Singing You Need To Consider

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If there is one particular activity that I really love doing, it is singing. I am not saying that I am an excellent or professional singer. It’s just that I love music that much – the reason why I sing in the shower, when I’m alone, and when I’m with my friends. I don’t have any particular music genre. I listen to any song as long as they sound good.

I bet you love singing too, right? Well, if you don’t, then why are you reading this article? Let me guess. Maybe you came across a social media post and clicked on it that landed you here. Or, you may have searched the search engine using a keyword I don’t have any idea with, and you’re finally here. No matter how did you get here, it is good that you have the desire to learn about the different health benefits of singing.

It alleviates depression. One thing that you can alleviate when singing is depression. And being free from depression allows you to do things normally and efficiently. I know several people who have stressful jobs who are good singers. Well, they sing not just because they love the hobby. But, they sing in order to let go of their stressors. Study shows that singing releases endorphin which is a chemical that makes you happy. As a result, your mood is boosted and you begin to think positively. Depressed? Why not sing at the top of your voice. Let go of what’s inside of you. Those are toxic things that you should not be keeping. If you think you lack endorphin, it’s about time to fetch from the well. You only have to sing to fan your depression away.

It boosts your confidence. If you are watching performances of great singers on stage, one thing that you can see from them as an asset is their confidence. Yes! And your confidence will increase when you sing, especially if you are joining a group that performs on stage. You will also get to widen your circle of friends and get appreciation from your family members. And, the more you are appreciated, the more you become confident of what you are doing.

It gives you good posture. Your body’s alignment is so important. This is the very reason why you should have a good posture. Well, there are so many ways to improve your posture and we will be posting an article about that soon. But since we are talking about singing, and how it improves your posture, let’s stick with the topic. Your music director or maestro will definitely help you stand properly to give way to singing expertise. Thus, your posture plays a huge role. As you practice, you will become posture-conscious. And that is a good indication that you are improving.

It helps stop snoring and sleep apnea. Several studies were conducted regarding the ability of singing to stop snoring and sleep apnea, which is s sleep disorder. This is due to the fact that as you sing, your throat and palate muscles are strengthened. Want to have a good night sleep without snoring? Keep singing. That will help.

It improves relationship. Well, this is what I like about singing. It has done a lot of good things to me, but not as good as improving my relationship with my family and loved ones. The thing is, singing is my pastime habit together with my loved ones. No matter what problems we are facing and situations we are in, when the microphone is on in our living room, negative things were set aside. It improves relationship. You will find out that you are not just singing with them but spending quality time as well. And that is good for your health.

It improves your communication skill. Your communication skill is also improved when singing. You will get to learn the right pronunciation of the words and say them. Well, I do believe that talking and talking improves communication skills. And that is the same with singing and singing. Your communication skill is so important. Improve it. And you can do it in the more exciting and enjoyable way through singing.

It improves your immune system. This might be a shocker to you. But, hey! According to research, the more you sing, especially with a choir, the more your immune system improves. To give you a brief explanation on this one, your Immunoglobulin A increases after a rehearsal. In an article published at, it states that “Singing in a choir for just one hour boosts levels of immune proteins in people affected by cancer, reduces stress and improves mood, which in turn could have a positive impact on overall health, a new study has found.” So, if you have a weak immune system that makes you susceptible to acquiring diseases easily, you can join a choir. You will not just improve your voice, but your immune system as well.

It increases mental alertness. When you sing, your blood circulation improves. And because of that, your brain function will also improve because more oxygen will reach your brain. There are song pieces that are challenging to sing. And the more challenging the songs are, the more you are to execute mental alertness. You have to pay attention to the note and timing. You have to make use of your sense of hearing. Increased mental alertness is one important thing that you can get from singing.

It is an excellent exercise. Just like any sport, you need stretching in order to sing effectively. Thus, your lungs and diaphragm will undergo the same discipline. When you sing, you will inhale huge amount of oxygen so that you will be able to catch the tune of the song. So, while you are singing, you are allowing your respiratory system to be enhanced. You will improve in breathing and will definitely have healthy lungs.

Keep singing and improve your health. Whether you will sing alone or be with a band or group, it doesn’t matter. Whether you will hit the note right or not, just keep singing. It’s good for your health.

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