Good Reasons Why You Should Get More Sleep

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Sleeping is a human necessity. Yes, and we are designed supposedly to sleep at night because our days are for the purpose of doing our vigorous activities – work, studies, hobbies, recreations, etc. As a human, you can do all the things you want during the day. But be sure when the sun goes down, to take it easy and do not be too hard on your body, pushing it to work for it needs rest.

Due to demands in studies and jobs, there are people who cannot avail night sleeps for they have to go through nocturnal living. Well, there are animals that are nocturnal, but humans? We are not designed that way. But since these cases are unavoidable for call center agents and students who are rushing for their school requirements, there should be a means to replace the lost sleep. And honestly, this is not an easy job. You will feel a lot of discomfort during the day when you are guilty of not getting more sleep in the evening.

This article is intended to give you more information about the benefits that you can get from getting enough or more sleep. According to a study, humans should sleep a minimum of 8 hours every night to get optimum results. We have published an article already here about insomnia, and you can refer to that if you would like to learn more about this sleeping disorder. Right now, here are the benefits that you can get from getting more sleep.

It prevents obesity. If obesity is your main problem, you should get more sleep because poor sleep can make you gain weight. Whether you are young or old, you have to pay attention to this one because it might help you solve some issues about obesity someday. Well, no matter how much you try to lose weight with all those “weight loss programs,” you will not be able to get the result that you want if you will not indulge yourself in sleeping. Also, study shows that if you lack sleep, you will have little desire for exercise and movement.

It boosts your mood. Did you ever encounter a grumpy person? Well, grumpiness normally takes place in the morning for several factors. But study shows that it is also related to the quality of sleep of the person. Well, you will not be guaranteed of 100% good mood just because you have slept well, but experts explain that your emotion will tend to be regulated well with good sleep. Aside from that, you will also avoid feeling overtired that can lead to improper behaviours when being confronted. Do not confront a sleepless man. You will pay the price.

It improves your memory. You might have experienced already being forgetful during your exams though you are still young. If that is the case, you have to check the quality of your sleep because that may be a huge factor. Lack of sleep, according to a study, can lead to memory loss. We also have an article about memory loss here that you can read. There is even a research conducted about having false memories which is very dangerous. So, if your activities the next day require you to use your brain, you have to get more sleep the night before. Improve your memory by not depriving yourself of more sleep.

It can improve your health. Study shows that there are so many diseases that can be prevented by getting more sleep. Such diseases include diabetes and heart diseases. If you are prone to these diseases, all the more you have to get more sleep in order for them not become more serious. Though there are no clear results as to what sleeping can do to improve the immune system, it can benefit to the prevention of the said diseases.

It increases concentration. How can you concentrate if you are sleepy during the day? This is a common feeling when you are listening to your teacher on a “siesta” hour. Your concentration will be affected if you will not get more sleep because of its impact on your brain functioning. Good concentration can lead to high productivity – the reason why you have to avail it. You might not be able to solve math problems, follow instructions, remember details, etc. if you lack sleep. Well, these are essential skills that you need to possess while at work. Again, do not deprive yourself of good sleep to increase your concentration.

It boosts athletic performance. If you are an athlete you have to get more sleep especially if you have a practice or game the next day. As an athlete, you need to increase in speed, stamina, accuracy, and the like. And mind you, if you will not get a minimum amount of sleep recommended to you by your doctor, you might increase your chances of winning the game. Sport is a competition. And oftentimes, it is a competition of how conditioned your body not to mention your mental resources.

It lowers depression. This is quite observable. When you were not able to get more sleep, your depression will increase. People with sleeping disorders undergo medication in order to get the right amount of sleep because that is not just their problem – they are more concerned with their anxiety and depression. Study shows that lack of sleep can lead to high suicide tendencies. If you are depressed, you need to get more sleep. You will have the stamina to fight your negative thoughts if you can improve your body condition.

It improves relationship. Imagine your social life being affected because of your lack of sleep. Well, this is possible. The most important thing about communication is recognizing social cues. But this may not be possible for someone who lacks sleep. He may not be able to know if someone is happy or sad. He may not be able to interpret well the signs of behaviours portrayed by people around him. As a result, misunderstanding might take place that can put the good relationship into jeopardy. Improve your relationship with others by giving yourself a break at night. Do not deprive yourself of good sleep because you know what is at stake.

It will make you hurt less. The reason why you will be able to feel less pain when you get more sleep is because during sleep, your body supplements medication for your pain. Well, there are tendencies when you will find it hard to get a good sleep because of your pain, but when you do, you will not feel it as painful as it was the night before. Wanna alleviate the pain you are suffering? Go, put on your pajama, turn off the light, and lay down on your bed. Things will be better tomorrow.

It increases productivity. This is connected to concentration. Well, essentially, you will increase in productivity if you are concentrated and focus on a certain job. And productivity is measured by the number of outputs on a particular time. If you have a company position and you need to reach a certain quota, sleeping is the best aide.

It makes you think clearly. Most of the times, people cannot make good decisions because of lack of sleep. And that is true due to the fact that they cannot think clearly. They tend to fall into hasty rationalization and cognitive biases. Thinking clearly can put you out of trouble. If your decision is highly important, say, in a certain job, you have to prepare for it by getting more sleep. It is hard to regret someday.

These are the good reasons why you should get more sleep. Again, how’s your sleeping? Do you have sleeping disorders? Are you suffering from insomnia? Well, if you are, you to do something about it. Don’t wait for things to become more serious. Or, suffice it to say do not wait for bad consequences to knock you down. Come on! Get more sleep!

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