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Smelling good is a normal goal nowadays. And you can tell by the way a person handles himself whether he is a boy or already a man. Oftentimes, smelling bad has an effect on someone’s social life. Well, there is something to be done in order to maintain that “good smell” that you desire. If you are serious about it, this is the right article to read since we will provide you some simple habits that people who smell good normally do.

When you go to work, it is essential to smell good. Not necessary that smell that catches someone’s attention, but the smell wherein someone can come closer to you without any problem. It is also important to smell good when you to go school. Because of so many activities in school, you are prone to different smells that aren’t good. As a solution to that, it is necessary for you to consider the following habits in order to smell good all day long.

Take a bath daily. Well, if you can do this twice a day, why not? Taking a bath will make you feel fresh and confident all day long. In taking a bath, you should be systematic. You should know where to start and where to end for better result. As much as possible wash your entire body with the right soap. Focus on your sweaty spots and your armpit to get the job done.  If you want to have a cleaner body after taking a bath, you may use a sponge, washcloth, or loofah. Take note of your genitals and anus as well.

Another part of your body that you need to focus on when taking a bath is your hair. In fact, washing your hair should be done regularly with a shampoo and conditioner. Nowadays, there are so many brands of shampoos and conditioner to choose from and you only have to pick the right one for you. Lastly, you can concentrate on your feet and clean them because they are prone to different germs. Remember, your feet are the ones that stick to the ground. Taking a bath is one good habit of people who smell good.

Change your clothes often. One of the biggest reasons why smelling good is hard to attain is being unable to change clothes often. When you used your clothes already, expect that it is full of germs, bacteria, and viruses. You get to encounter with other people daily and                  do activities that make you perspire so you have to change clothes often. As much as possible, change clothes when you feel like uncomfortable wearing it anymore. It doesn’t matter how many times you change daily as long as it is needed. The thing is, the more you perspire and do get dirt the most likely you need to change clothes. Also, change your underclothes daily and wash them with the right detergent. I suggest, antibacterial detergent.

Keep your shoes clean. Your shoes should be clean because that can become a breeding ground for bacteria. As much as possible, wash your shoes weekly and make sure to keep it dry before using again. Clean your feet first before putting on your shoes because dirty feet can make the shoes dirty again. It is also recommended for you to have more than one pair of shoes so that you can alternate them. Me? I have five pairs of shoes and I use different shoes every day, depending on my outfit. I do this not because I am obsessed with shoes, but because I am into cleanliness. You can do this, too if you have budget. But for the meantime, you can have two pairs of shoes and that’s okay. One very good habit that you need to practice with your shoes is taking them off the moment you arrived home. Do not let your shoes stay so long on your feet as soon as you were home already.

Make sure your teeth are clean. We have published an article about halitosis here, and if you read that one already, you have an idea about how one can acquire halitosis and how it can be prevented. The next habit of people who smell good is making their teeth clean. You should brush your teeth after every major meal. You should prevent halitosis. If you think your bad breath is not caused by your poor brushing, you should contact your dentist now for a check-up. It is embarrassing to have bad breath, really. Nowadays, people will not tell you that you have a bad breath, instead they will just cover their noses and you have no idea about it. Make sure your teeth are clean. In addition to brushing, keeping your teeth clean would also require you to use dental floss, mint, and mouthwash.

Use deodorant and antiperspirant. There are products out there that can make you smell good such as deodorant and antiperspirant. These can prevent excessive sweating in the armpit that can breed bacteria. Deodorant removes the foul odour from your armpit and make you more confident getting closer to anyone. There are people who do not need deodorant anymore and there are people who do, depending on how they perspire.

Spray a good perfume or cologne. There is no rule in using a cologne or perfume as long as they smell good and you are happy about it. With so many colognes and perfumes available nowadays, as much as possible, pick the one that does not disturb others. You have to bear in mind that there are people who are allergic with strong perfumes. Using a cologne and perfume to neutralize smell and maintain the freshness in you can brighten up your day. Do not be so “showy” about your cologne or perfume. Just be confident wearing the perfume of your choice.

Freshen up if necessary. When you are in a certain place, you should check in advance the location of the comfort room so that you can freshen up anytime. Well, it doesn’t take time. You will just go there to check yourself if you have perspired a lot and do something about it. Smell your armpit if there is something to be done for it. Do this in order to smell good.

Keep your kit inside your bag. Most ladies do this, and it is also recommended for men. As much as possible, keep in your bag your beauty kit for emergency purposes. You can put wet wives, deodorant, powder, cologne, hairbrush, etc. on your bag. You will surely need them.

Keeping yourself smell good all day long is necessary in order to build a good relationship with others. You will see that people can get closer to you easily and you can expand your circle of friends. While others take this for granted, you should not. The thing is it has something to do with your health as well. Yes, it is more than that.

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