Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

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Eating right is important during pregnancy in order to protect not just your health but your baby as well. If you have consulted your doctor regarding the foods that you need to eat and avoid, you probably have a list of those. And by proper consideration of the things that you will ingest you will be able to provide your baby the proper nutrition.

Normally, a pregnant woman should eat foods rich in the following:

  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Folic acid
  • Calories

But it is not just enough to know these but understand the components that make up a certain food. Remember that foods are cooked, baked, and mixed. And in order to come up with a dish one has to make sure that the right ingredients are put together. If you have poor knowledge on the components of the foods that you are eating while you are pregnant, you may be putting your health and your baby’s health in jeopardy.

It’s time to be educated on what foods to avoid during pregnancy. We have listed 10 common foods that you may be eating right now that are very risky.

Unpasteurized Foods. Soft cheeses such as Brie, feta, Camembert, queso blanco, etc. are dangerous to your pregnancy. The reason for this is because unpasteurized foods can produce microorganisms that can threaten your health. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), unpasteurized milk are more likely to cause foodborne illnesses and can result to 13 times more hospitalization than milk that went through pasteurization.

The bacteria may not be killed from milk that came from cows, goats, and sheep. They carry dangerous bacteria such as Salmonella, E. Coli, and Listeria. If you are pregnant with weak immune system, you are prone to this attack. As much as possible, avoid unpasteurized foods during pregnancy. If you can find hard cheeses such as cheddar, that is safer to eat.

Too Much Caffeine. The main target of caffeine is your baby’s heart rate. So as much as possible, avoid it. Another study shows that one of the reasons for high risk for miscarriage is too much caffeine. You have to consult your health care provider for the maximum amount of caffeine in your diet or if you are wise enough, avoid caffeine at the moment. You can resume your caffeine diet after giving birth.

Undercooked Foods. You have yourself and your baby to protect, so as much as possible, eat foods that are cooked well. You have to guard yourself from bacterial food poisoning which is so common when you are pregnant. If you are cooking your food, make sure that it is fully cooked. And if someone is cooking for you, you can advise her to cook it well.

Some would make use of thermometer to make sure that the food is cooked well. Making sure that the food cooked is steaming hot when cooked is a bright idea. If you are cooking eggs, make sure that the egg yolks and whites are firm. This is to ensure that the eggs are not raw anymore since they might be contaminated with bacteria. If you are fond of eating half-cooked eggs before pregnancy this is not the best time to do that. Your health and your baby’s health is at risk. Avoid undercooked foods.

Salads Made in Stores. There are ready-to-eat salads that you can buy anytime in stores and they are not safe for your pregnancy. The idea is they may contain Listeria. If you want to eat salad, make this at home. And it is not just about making the salad. You have to follow the right procedure in order to come up with a safe food to eat. Bear in mind that it should be cooked for you are not allowed to eat uncooked foods.

Raw Seafood and High in Mercury. We all know that raw seafood can contain bacteria or viruses. So if you are fond of eating sushi, raw oysters, and clams this is not the right season for you to do that. As much as possible, avoid refrigerated seafood. Aside from that, you have to pay attention also to the advisory as there might be red tide toxins in selected seafood especially shellfishes.

There are seafood that are high in mercury and you should also avoid them. Undoubtedly, seafood is a great source of elements that can enhance your baby’s brain and eye development. Such elements include protein and omega-3 fatty acids. These elements are common to several kinds of fishes.

According to a study, fishes that are bigger and older are more likely to contain mercury. Such fishes include shark, king mackerel, swordfish, tilefish, etc. Now you have a choice on what fish to eat. You have to be wise in buying.

Alcohol. Fetal alcohol syndrome is something that you need to avoid as it causes deformities, and mental and heart problems of your baby. Some would say it is okay to drink only a little during pregnancy but that is still dangerous. Remember that you are pregnant and your health is sensitive. Whatever happens to you may happen to your baby. You have to stop drinking alcohol during pregnancy or you may regret for a lifetime.

Liver. The reason why eating too much liver is dangerous for pregnant women is because of its Vitamin A content which is linked, according to a study to several birth defects especially on the early stage of pregnancy. With this, it is proper for someone who is pregnant to monitor her Vitamin A level. This can be done by her doctor.

Despite the fact that I have mentioned Vitamin A already as dangerous to women’s pregnancy, there is also the kind of Vitamin A that is good for them. These Vitamin A came from fruits and vegetables. It only shows that it is not Vitamin A itself but the source of Vitamin A. If your source of Vitamin A is the liver, you have to think twice of what you are eating. The type of Vitamin A that can be found in livers is called pre-formed Vitamin A and it should be avoided.

As a pregnant woman, you still need Vitamin A but make sure that it comes from fruits and vegetables brought about by balanced diet.

Unwashed Fruits and Vegetables. It is a common idea to wash fruits and vegetables before eating or cooking. Fruits and vegetables nowadays are not safe from harmful bacteria. Aside from this, you have to make sure also that the fruits and vegetables that you are buying is organic. Nowadays, the method of farming has changed and most fruits and vegetables are commercialized. To know which fruits and vegetables are products or organic farming, that requires an ample amount of information.

Herbal Tea. There are so many herbal teas in the market. When you read their labels, you can see all the health benefits listed in order for you to buy the product. At this point in time, it is proper to avoid herbal tea unless recommended by your health care provider.

You have to be more sensitive to the foods that you eat. Now that you have an idea on what to eat and what not to eat, it’s about time for you to change your diet if you are doing wrong. Normally, you might agree with me if I tell you that these are the most common things that scare you during pregnancy:

  1. Abnormalities of your child. It is a common feeling to have an anxiety over the outcome of your pregnancy – the reason why you have your baby monitored from time to time. If you are not careful with what you are eating, you might not see it physically, but it will manifest mentally on your child. So to avoid anxiety on what might be the outcome of your pregnancy, eat the safest food as much as possible.
  2. Miscarriage. I have mentioned above some foods that might cause miscarriage, aside from your physical activity. Be careful on this matter.

Whatever you swallow in your mouth may have the capacity to affect your pregnancy. Now that you know what foods to avoid during pregnancy, you have a higher chance of conceiving a healthy child with a bright future. Yes, the future of your child starts on your womb. What happens there might bring drastic changes to what he might become in the future.

Excited to let your baby see the world? I know that you have great plans for him or her. I know that you want the best for him or her as much as possible. And your caring starts during conception. I still believe in the saying, “prevention is better than cure.” Well, you have to understand the fact that not all problems can be cured. It is still better to avoid something that might cause stress and disappointment in the future than to solve an issue. Have a safe pregnancy.

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