Fight Motion Sickness With These Incredible Tips

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The reason behind motion sickness is still a secret nowadays. Some say that it is because of genes; others say it’s a matter of physical condition. Well, no matter what the reason for your motion sickness is one thing is for sure: you are not happy with that condition.

You will know if you are already there if you are sweating and hyperventilating. Study shows that some people get motion sickness through the sound they hear. Strange, isn’t it? And when you are already in his situation, you are most likely to vomit. What a disgusting way to go for a trip.

Some have motion sickness when riding a bus, boat, plane, and even walking. And it is explained by health specialists that motion sickness happens when the messages received from eyes and inner ears is overloaded in the balancing system.

Now that you have an idea about how a motion sickness may happen to you. There are several tips that we can share so that you will be able to have a wonderful travel to your desired destination. There are times when you want to go to a certain distant place but you are hesitant due to the fact that you have motion sickness.

In my own experience, I had problems with my motion sickness when I was still a kid. When I grew up, I can go to places I want no matter how distant they are. Well, i read a lot of articles about motion sickness as listened to stories of people who overcame their motion sickness. And just like them, you can overcome your motion sickness too if you will only consider the tips that we are going to share to you. Take note: these are just tips.

Look far. When you are traveling and the horizon is visible, look at that one. Most of the times, we are  enjoying the sight of trees, houses, seas, cities, etc. up to the point when we start to get dizzy. It is advisable for you to look far. As what I have said, look at the horizon without any intention of looking at it. That’s weird, you might say. Well, what I am saying is just do not mind the surroundings and just look far. An example of this situation is when you look at someone in the eye he might say that you are staring at him where in fact you’re not. If you do this, you will be able to minimize the conflicting messages that your brain is receiving from the surroundings.

Alcohol worsens motion sickness. Well, you know the feeling of being drunk with alcohol. And what do you think will happen if you will drink alcohol before or during trip? The tendency is it will go to your blood stream and inner ear. It will stimulate it that will prompt motion sickness. Another thing is if you have a trip in the morning, avoid drinking the night before to avoid hangover. You are prone to motion sickness if you have hangover.

Be careful with your perfumes. As much as possible limit using strong perfumes before or during the trip because that will contribute to a higher tendency for motion sickness. Just be contented with your smell and wear a nice clean outfit. If you are on a trip and you happen to smell the perfume of someone beside you, you can move to other seats if possible.

Be still and relax. When you feel that you are about to get nauseated, just close your eyes and relax. You can also distract your mind with good thoughts and let the tendency to motion sickness pass. Though this is not effective to all, it may work with you. Just be still and relax.

Do not read while on a trip. I am guilty on this. I am addicted to books and I even bring with me one wherever I go. I read while on a trip and I have no problems with having motion sickness, only, I often feel that my eyes are tired. Well, do not read while on a trip. Not only you are destroying your eyes, you will surely have the tendency to have motion sickness if you are not used to it. Another life hack when you are on the bus is watch movie when you feel like watching. You will see that time will pass by quickly and you are already at your destination in an instant.

Don’t be anxious. When you experienced bad motion sickness during your last trip, the tendency is you will feel uncomfortable on your next trip. Well, that is common among people. You will get to have phobia with travelling. There are trips that you cannot give up. These are important trips related to your job, studies and family. Well, what more can you do than face it. Face the fact that you need to travel. And when you stepped into the boat, just relax and say to yourself, “I can do it.” Have a positive attitude and do not cling on your past experience. You can do it!

Eat a little before the trip. Some recommend eating a lot before going for a trip in order for your body to have endurance to fight motion sickness. Well, study shows that it is better to eat a little or do not eat at all. The idea is when you are nauseated, you will tend to vomit and bring out swallowed food from your stomach. The more food you have swallowed, the longer your vomiting is. On the other hand, if you have eaten a little or you have not eaten at all, you will have lesser tendency to vomit. Well, just to go between, if you cannot stand hunger, you can eat plain crackers or a piece of bread. You can also bring that with you on a trip.

Make sure you can see the horizon when on a ship. If you are on board a ship, make sure you are positioned to where you can see the horizon. You may stay on its deck so that your eyes can see the sunset, clouds and horizon. If you will stay inside a closed cabin, you might as well feel the movement of the ship due to wind and waves. With that, you will feel motion sickness.

Sit in the front seat of a car. If you would like to avoid motion sickness on a car ride, choose to sit in the front seat. Aside from the fact that you can talk to the driver while driving, you will be able to anticipate what will happen next on your travel. You can see the cat crossing the street, the traffic light, the humps, etc. Also, if you can drive and you have your license, you can volunteer. You will not just let the driver take a rest for a while but you will also avoid motion sickness.

Take over-the-counter medicines. You can buy an over-the-counter medicine and take one and hour or 30 minutes before your trip. While it is good to take these medicines, it is also important to read their labels and learn about their side effects. If you are unsure what to take, you may ask the pharmacist or your doctor’s recommendation.

When on an airplane ride, sit on the wing. This may be new to you, but it is recommended for you to sit on the wing part of the plane. An explanation to this is the wing is the most stable part of the plane. It is also good to sit on the side of the window of the midsection of the plane. To do this, you must book your flight earlier and choose your seat position. Well, it is possible for you to choose as a customer.

With the things that I have mentioned above, I know that you already have a tactic to escape your motion sickness. It is still a mystery why people experience motion sickness but we demystified some helpful tips that you can probably try in order to bring back again your joy in travelling.

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