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If there is one particular condition that you are into now that you wish could end immediately, it would be having acne or pimples. And teenagers are prone to this condition. In fact, this is one of the most common teenage health problems in the world today. Though it is not deadly, but it has an effect on a teenager’s social life.

According to many specialists, the main cause of acne is genes. So, if you have that gene that is more likely to develop acne, you cannot escape from this issue. And I am pretty sure you want to escape that now especially when you look at the mirror and you are not proud of the face that you see.

Look again in the mirror. Smile now because there are easy-to-do acne solutions that we would like to introduce to you that you can do at home. Mind you, these acne solutions are very simple and most of them are products of ‘common sense.’

But before that, let us learn first the reasons why one is capable of acquiring acne. The things that are listed below are possible reasons why. And one or two of them might be the reason behind your acne struggle. A careful evaluation and knowledge of your self is a great help to your acne problem.

Cosmetics. Modern cosmetics contribute to acne especially if the skin is not used to it. Worse, it can also contribute to allergy. Be sure of the cosmetics that you are using. There are good options out there. Make the right choice.

Environment. The environment where you stay is a factor to your acne. If you are exposed to chemicals, you have a high tendency to develop acne. Take control of your environment and you will be able to control the propagation of your acne.

Hormones. If you have heard about ‘premenstrual acne,’ experts claim it’s real. Hormonal changes in the body causes acne especially to women. And some of the most common events in a woman’s life that is responsible for acne include pregnancy, menstrual cycle, and using birth control pills. If you are a woman reading this one, you probably know what to do now.

Medication. The way you treat your acne with the use of medicine and the medicines that you have ingested has an effect on your acne. Make sure of the drugs that you are using. If possible, seek for the help of a doctor or dermatologist.

Stress. In relation to hormones, stress is one factor in the development of acne. The thing is, hormonal levels are greatly affected by stress. Look at your life right now. What do you usually do? Are you stressed? Or do you live in a stressful environment? If yes, it’s about time to do something about it. That is probably the reason why you have lots of acne.

So those are the very reasons why you have acne on your face. Take control of those aspects and you will be able to take control of your acne. Right now, let me just give you some easy-to-do acne solutions that you can do at home. I know that this is the moment that you have been waiting for. Some of them are preventive tips.

Avoid facial as much as possible. Well, as much as possible you have to avoid facial if not needed. And if you really need to do this, you have to make sure that the one who will do this for you is really an expert. You will pay the price for asking someone who is not an expert’s service.

Avoid oily products. Well, while oil is good for skin moisturizing, you have to be careful with applying too much oil on your face cause that may worsen your acne. Most women nowadays use cold cream on their face.

Avoid too much sun exposure. There are instances when exposure to the sun is good for the pimple but not all the time. This is the reason why you have to make sure your face is protected from too much sun. The health risks are skin cancer, premature aging, and the like. If you are about to go to the beach and you will be exposed to too much sun, make sure to use skin protective cream with sunscreen. It should have high SPF for better protection.

Benzoyl Peroxide as over-the-counter medicine. Well, this is a solution from the over-the-counter that you can make use of. It removes dead skin cells, bacteria, and oils in the skin. You have to take precaution in using this and as much as possible, consult your doctor or dermatologist so that you will be given good advices. The safest way to use it is to start with low concentration and increase soon. It is recommended to be used once or twice a day.

Diet is not an issue. Well, let me just clarify this one. Too many of us think that the food we eat contribute a lot to our pimples. According to a study, it is not our diet that is responsible for out acne. We blame most of the time the greasy and oily foods that we eat when they have nothing to do with our pimples. Though it has nothing to do with your acne, you still have to eat right and healthy.

Do not touch your face. If it is your mannerism to touch your face, better be careful with this. As much as possible avoid touching your face for you may hit your pimple. If that happened and your hands are not clean and sanitized, you will spread bacteria that will eventually infect the pimple causing inflammation. Have a hanky and discipline yourself not to touch your face to avoid worsening of acne.

Don’t be too aggressive on your pimple. You may think that washing your face using soap can eradicate your pimples but you’re wrong. The idea is when you wash your skin you are just making it clean by removing oils and dirt. Even though you will spend the whole day washing, you will still have pimples. Don’t be too aggressive on your skin; be kind on it.

Don’t manipulate your pimples. Yes, manipulating your pimples by picking, pressing, rubbing, may worsen your pimples because of possible increase in bacteria from your hand. Inflammation is the reason why your pimples grow bigger. As much as possible, leave your pimples alone and do not manipulate it. Once you’ve hurt your pimple, it will take revenge, believe me.

Exfoliation is dangerous. Remember your skin is already irritated that is why you have to be careful with it. Exfoliation is a dangerous action. Let a dermatologist do that for you, not you. Nowadays, there are so many available products in the market for exfoliation and you have to be aware of them.

Not too much iodine. If you are taking too much iodine in your diet, beware of that. Study shows that it might be a way for you to increase in acne. These iodine are found in vitamins and iodized salts.

Wash your face properly. Washing is a good way to remove dirt and oils that is responsible for irritating your skin. While washing is good, it has to be done properly. It is recommended for those who have acne to use mild soap. There are so many brands of soap in the market that you choose from. As much as possible, look at the composition of the soap if it has benzyl peroxide. Washing should be done once or twice a day.

Water-based makeup is better. Well, with so many kings of makeups to buy nowadays, it is good to invest on water-based. The logic is simple: oil is avoided, thus, you will have lesser chances to get acne. When buying water-based makeup and you are not so sure, ask the seller about its component or look at the label. You do this so that you will not be misled.

With those easy-to-do acne solutions that you can do by yourself, you are able to do something to solve your problem. Well, it takes discipline and efforts to do these though they are easy but the prize is so rewarding.

Get rid of your social problems because of your acne. Do not wait for the time when you have to go through expensive treatment just because you did not do something about it when it is still not that serious. Serious problems about acne often get more serious because people did not find ways to manage their acne. While you cannot prevent your acne from sprouting, you still have a way to manage it. Go and practice one or more of the things listed above and see the difference. Do not forget to share your testimony about your experience on this one.

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