How To Detect Early Hearing Loss

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Your hearing is precious to you. You have to be grateful you can still hear the sounds around you. Right now, millions of people around the world are suffering from hearing difficulties and they wish that they can hear just like you do. Because of this, it is important for you to know what might damage your ear that can cause hearing problems.

Early detection of hearing loss is important. The thing is, if you can detect your hearing loss at an earlier stage, there is an ample amount of time to cure and prevent it from becoming serious. Just think of the things that might be affected in your life the moment you lost your hearing. Your job, career, studies, and opportunities might be affected. And I’m sure you don’t like that to happen.

The reason why this article is written is in order for you to know the early signs of potential hearing loss. If you happen to experience any of the things listed and discussed below, you have to show concern on your hearing condition. As what I have said, they are early signs of potential hearing loss. And these signs will be examined by an otologist or audiologist.

Inability to hear the ticking of the clock. If you cannot hear the ticking of the clock, it’s about time to have your ears checked. It is good to check if you can still hear the sound in the evening when it is silent. During the day, there are so many sounds interfering so that you will not be able to hear the ticking. Inability to hear the ticking of the clock is an early sign of potential hearing loss. Do not take this for granted. You may deny this one or just take it so lightly, and it is important to give attention to this condition.

Ringing in the ears. Normally, it happens when you are taking a drug. For some instances, ringing in the ear means damage of a part of it. This is not a normal condition and it may interrupt your daily activities because of the noise. Seek medical help immediately if this happens so that a medicine will be prescribed by your physician.

The need to require other people to repeat what they have said. Well, you may consider this a normal condition where in fact, it’s not. I have a personal experience with a relative wherein whenever I talk to him, I need to repeat what I have said and it should be louder the second time. Well, this is a very observable sign of potential hearing loss if not dealt with.

Imagine the communication problem that you might encounter if you are in the early stage of hearing loss. The tendency is you may perceive a different message and act differently. If you are in this situation, how will you be able to answer an interview question very well? Well, you cannot ask the interviewer to repeat the question always. There are times when you need to ask someone to repeat what he has said for clarification purposes. But if it’s often, then something might be wrong. You have to do something about it while it’s not serious.

Wrong answers to questions. The reason why you have answered the wrong answers to the right questions is poor comprehension brought about by inability to hear the questions right. This is a common hearing problem. And if you happen to encounter a person like this, you need to explain and repeat the question again so that he will be able to deliver the right answer. A student who is suffering from this one might do a lot of adjustments in class. The thing is the question should be asked louder for him to hear. If the examination comes in audio format, there might be problems on the results of his examination. Wrong answers to questions is an early sign of potential hearing loss. Do not take this for granted.

The need to be on front row or in front of the speaker to hear. If you find it hard to hear the voice of the teacher in class, the best thing to do is to sit on front row. There, you can hear her voice louder. This is another indication that you are in the early stage of potential hearing loss.

When you go to a movie, you will certainly sit near the speaker in order for you to enjoy what you are watching. Well, you don’t have time to eat popcorn anymore with this kind of situation. You need to have your ears checked by your physician.

Difficulty distinguishing words with similar ending like “sit,” “fit,” and “hit.” Apparently, though these words have similar ending, they are easy to distinguish by someone with a good hearing. If you are in a situation wherein these words sound the same, there is a need for your ear to be treated for this will eventually affect the way you communicate with people.

Having a hard time talking to someone over the phone. It is better to send a text message or chat with someone than talk over the phone if you have hearing problems. Well, the idea is you will not understand each other and it will result to talking louder. Aside from the connection problems, your poor hearing can result to bad communication. Have your ears checked in this situation.

Being left out in a conversation. Have you experienced being left out in a conversation wherein you don’t have any idea what everyone is talking about? It’s not because you don’t know the topic. The idea is you cannot hear what they are saying and the tendency is you will try hard to understand what’s happening. This is a condition that you need to give attention to.

If you happened to experience any of the things listed above, it’s high time for you to do something about your possible hearing loss. Well, hearing problems at an early stage can be treated if you will just cooperate with your physician. If you noticed, the situations above are almost the same with each other. Their common denominator is inability to hear the sounds around you.

Let me give you something to do. And this is very easy, no need to exert more efforts. Go over the things that we have discussed above and list them down. Now check the things that you have already experienced. After doing that you will know the level of your hearing problem. Well, I am not saying that that is an accurate evaluation about your hearing problem but at least you have an idea.

You are affected socially with hearing loss. Well, you cannot communicate normally with your fellow men. Because of this, there you need someone to write down or do hand signals that you can understand. Your social life is truly affected.

Aside from its effect on you socially, you will also be affected vocationally. Yes, you might have your dream career and sometimes that will not happen anymore because it requires good hearing. And because of this, you will feel disappointed and discouraged.

Well, this article is not meant to brand people who have hearing problems as disappointed and discouraged. In fact, there are so many people around the world with advocacies and legacies despite their hearing conditions. Whatever your condition is, you can still move on and do something worthwhile for your life. Do not let your disability be a hindrance for you to be great. Live a life that is worth emulating.

And for those who have good hearing, preserve it. That is one of your greatest assets.

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