Common Symptoms Of Alcohol Abuse

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Social drinking and problem drinking should be differentiated in order to know if an abuse of alcohol is going one. When we say social drinking, we mean drinking on events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other special gatherings. Nowadays, drinks are served on these special events as a symbolical representation of success. And whenever there is success, it calls for celebration. Come to think of winning a basketball tournament or passing an examination. Normally, drinks are served. And when the culture demands more drinking, it should be done.

On the other hand, problem drinking is when this habit becomes normal. You will know if you are in this situation when you are drinking too much, too often, without any event to celebrate. Well, it is easy to know if someone has a drinking problem by just observing his sessions. This results to alcoholism.

For alcohol abusers, this problem is often denied. Yes, denial is common to them. Though they are drinking too much without moderation, they cannot accept the fact that they are addicted to it. They tend to believe that what they are doing is normal. And according to health experts, in order to help someone rise above his situation or break free from the bondage of alcoholism, he must have a sense of acceptance of his condition.

One will be able to lose control of the volume of alcohol consumed. Normally, if you are going to advise someone to drink only a little, he will say, “yes” while he is still sober. But when the effect of the alcohol is already there, he will tend to forget what he has said and lose control of the volume of alcohol he is drinking. Drinking only a few drinks for a particular purpose is good for the body. In fact, there is a research conducted wherein it as found out that alcohol has a positive effect on the body, only if it is not abused.

While reading this article, you might be considering your situation right now if you are into alcohol abuse or not. We want to help you with that. That is why we are giving you this checklist that will serve as your guide in order to know if you are already there or not yet.

Experienced being drunk 4 times or more in a year. It is about time for you to recall those moments when you were drunk. The thing is if you cannot count the moments when you experienced “feeding the ducks,” you might have been in that situation more than four times. Being drunk for 4 times or more in a year is alarming. It means to say that when given a chance to abuse an alcohol, you will do. If you have experienced this already, it’s about time to practice “acceptance.” You must accept the fact that you go out of control of your drinking sessions most of the time.

Having problems with your duties and responsibilities. Whether your duties and responsibilities have something to do with your home, school, or office, if you neglect them due to alcohol, there is a problem. When a person finds it pleasurable to drink alcohol, he will surely ask for more.  Well, I know some people who drink but are good at their duties and responsibilities. And I have seen also people with devastated lives and broken families because of alcoholism. As much as possible, take control of your drinking and do not neglect your duties and responsibilities anywhere.

Needs to drink in order to go to work. There are people who need to drink in order to work. When they do this, you will see the productivity of their works. Though this may sound positive, but understanding the fact that they need to drink alcohol is a problem. And it speaks a lot about their alcoholism. Imagine if he is going to work daily. It means to say he has to drink daily too, for he will become less productive without being under the influence of alcohol.

Drunk and still wants to drive. No one in his proper mind will volunteer to drive drunk. He will put not just his life, but the lives of everyone in the car in danger. Drunk people are normally motivated to drive because of their urge. And they do not care about what will happen to them. This is the reason why we have watched in the television, read in the newspapers, and heard on the radio several incidents of drunk driving. Aside from the fact that it is extremely dangerous to drive when you are drunk, it is also prohibited by the law. You have to check yourself on this. You might be abusing the alcohol.

Continues drinking despite the fact that it affects the relationship. You might be enjoying your drinking session, but bear in mind that the people around you do not. This might be due to the fact that they are affected by your alcohol abuse. You might come home drunk and will cause conflict that might lead to quarrel, destruction of furniture, and word war. Well, you cannot control your speech and action because you are under the influence of alcohol. Too many families have been destroyed because of this. Too many relationships failed also because of this. If you cannot stop your alcoholism, you might end up like this. That measures your degree of alcohol abuse.

Violates the law. A person who is drunk and abusive of alcohol does not care about the consequence of his actions in public up to the extent of having conflict with the authority. He might enjoyed the scandalous act he did on public last night, but that may be the last thing he’ll remember while on prison. There are cities that are so particular with this. In fact, these cities even have ordinances that penalize people who will cause public scandal. If you are violating the law already because of your drinking, that is a sign of alcohol abuse. Be more aware of your actions so that you will not be put to jail.

Drinks in order to release stress. This is a common habit. And just because it is common doesn’t mean it is right. Well, this is a sign of alcohol abuse. We cannot deny the fact that there is a temporary release from stress with drinking. But if most of the time, when you are stressed, you depend on alcohol, there is a problem on that. The thing is that may lead to more serious conflicts.

If you don’t have acceptance and realization of your alcohol abuse, you will not be able to set yourself free from this. In extreme cases, alcoholics are put inside rehabilitation in order to be treated. If there is a letter confirming your entry on this center you are in trouble. Be very responsible in drinking.

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