Avoid Heat Exhaustion Through These Simple Tips

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Heat exhaustion should not be taken lightly. During summer you will feel extreme heat causing strain in your body. And, as a result of this, you will begin to suffer from headache, nausea, profuse sweating, fatigue, etc. If heat exhaustion becomes serious, one can become prey of a deadly “heatstroke.” And according to health experts, when you experience heatstroke, normally, your hypothalamus shuts down.

Heat exhaustion, no matter how small it is, is common to everyone especially if the weather is hot. You will know if you are already suffering from extreme condition when you are vomiting, disoriented, and even a drop I blood pressure.

You should guard yourself from this dangerous situation. The thing is severe heatstroke can happen anytime without warning. Too many people have died because of this. Now, in order to avoid heat exhaustion, you have to consider the following tips that we have researched for you.

Drink water before starting any activity. If you are going to do an activity that will cause you too much sweat, say sports, you need to drink water first. The idea is you will be releasing large amount of liquid from your body through sweat and you need to be hydrated. If you have ample amount of water in your body, you will have good sweating and you will not feel easily tired. If your activity requires you to stay under the sun, all the more you need to drink large amount of water. That serves as your reservoir.

Don’t wait till you get thirsty to drink water. Normally, we drink water when we are thirsty. Though that is refreshing, medical experts claim that drinking water only as soon as you are thirsty is dangerous. An explanation to that is when we feel thirsty due to an alarm sent by our thirst mechanism, we missed drinking water. The best thing to do is drink only a little amount of water even though you are not thirsty. When you are working in an office, have your water placed in your table so that you can sip from time to time. Do not wait for the time when you get thirsty before hydrating yourself.

Know your weight after an activity. The idea of weighing yourself is to know if you came back already to your original weight. The logic is simple. Just because you are satisfied with water and not thirsty anymore doesn’t mean you are hydrated. You are still dehydrated if you are not on your proper weight. Imagine the amount of sweat that your body released during your marathon, basketball, volleyball, and the like. If you know your weight, better check it.

Avoid icy cold water. When it is hot and you are thirsty, there is a craving for icy cold water. Though that is refreshing and satisfying to drink, that cannot be used instantly by the body. As much as possible, drink cool water not icy cold. If you brought out from your fridge a bottle of water and it is icy cold, just leave it there at the table and wait for a few minutes before drinking it. By that, your body can consume the water immediately.

Drink sports drinks. Since there are so many available sports drinks nowadays, it is wise to choose among them the one that you are accustomed to drinking. It is advisable for you to drink Gatorade because of its quenching effect. Other energy drinks contain calories, potassium, and sodium that should be diluted by water in order to be consumed by the body. As much as possible, drink water like or water based sports drinks.

Enjoy your breaks. If you are practicing sports and given a break even for a few minutes, enjoy it. The idea is take frequent breaks to relax your body. If you do this, you will be able to avoid serious problems. For people who work in the office the whole day, facing the computer, it is advisable to take a break every hour. And if you are taking a break, drink water. That will release the heat inside your body.

Pay attention to your body. Well, your body is a machine that speaks when it is not feeling well. If you are working under extreme condition, do not play hero. Imagine that your body needs rest too. That is the reason why we are feeling tired, sick, and fatigue. When you feel exhausted due to heat, it’s about time to cool down. Don’t impress anyone with your endurance to stay longer in an activity though you cannot stand the heat and pain anymore. That is very dangerous.

Move out of direct sunlight from time to time. If you are exposed to the sun for a long time, you need to find a shade. It is very dangerous for you to feel the heat for a long time without lowering it. Well, you can go back to what you are doing after resting but do not stay too long under the sun for hours. That may threaten your life.

Wear light-colored clothes. The idea of wearing light-colored clothes is in order to avoid the absorption of heat. Study shows that dark-colored clothes absorb them, the reason why you are sweating too much and uncomfortable during summer with your dark clothes. When it is summer, you should be wise in choosing the colour of the clothes to wear.

Don’t drink alcohol. If there is one particular drink to avoid before going to the heat, it is alcohol. This is due to the fact that alcohol causes dehydration. So after drinking alcohol you will feel the symptoms of dehydration plus that will become worse because you are going to work under the sun. Just say no to alcohol.

Reduce weight. Well, the idea is the bigger you are the more heat you produce. Look at your current weight. If you think you are obese and suffering from heat exhaustion, it’s about time to reduce weight. Aside from the fact that you will feel lighter, you will also get to produce less heat.

Use fan. When there is no electric fan available to use, just fan yourself with anything that can produce air. This is an emergency procedure that you can do in order to cool down and get away from heat exhaustion. Remember that your homeostasis is important. Just make use of what you have. Whether it’s a piece of cardboard, as long as it produces air, that’s good to use.

Avoiding heat exhaustion is important. And with the simple tips that we have shared to you, we do hope that you are on your way to cool yourself down.

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