Actionable Tips To Prevent And Cope With Food Poisoning

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Food poisoning can happen unexpectedly. Whether you are in a picnic, family dinner, or special events, it can happen. And when this happens, the effect can be traumatic both to the victim and his or her family. Most food poisoning symptoms last for a few days that only require bland diet and fluid intake. And some food poisoning can also be fatal, and these require serious medical attention.

If a suspected food poisoning happens, the best thing to do is report that to the health department so that actions which include investigations will be conducted. The food ingested will be examined by the authority in order to know the cause of poisoning.

There are so many incidents of massive food poisoning from special events. You cannot always judge the tainted food by its smell, colour, and odour. There should be a consideration on how the food was preserved and how long it has been staying in the fridge.

Of course there is always a culprit for food poisoning to take place. And it can be a salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, clostridium, trichinella spiralis, or a combination of these. No matter which among them is the reason for a particular food poisoning, there can be serious problems that might happen. And it is better to be safe on the food that you eat than suffer the consequence of being sick or hospitalized.

So, how can you prevent food poisoning? Well, here are actionable tips that you can do in order to prevent this from happening. Also, these tips can help you cope with food poisoning.

Avoid spicy foods. Well, if you are fond of eating spicy foods, this is not the right time for you to do that. The reason why you are vomiting or having diarrhea when you have been food poisoned is because your stomach is reacting. And because of this, it is irritated, the reason why you should be gentle with it. Choose carefully the foods that you eat. As much as possible it is not heavy on spices. Some suggested foods for you are mashed potato, banana, plain toast, etc. You should not forget drinking water. That is very important.

Be careful with over-the-counter medicine. It is normal for people to do something in order to take away their pain. And, if that is the case, you have to be careful with over-the-counter medicine because you might be tempted to buy pain medicines for your intestinal cramps. According to health experts, it is not a good idea during food poisoning. If you have diarrhea during that time and you take pain medicine, it will irritate the stomach or gastrointestinal tract. If you would like to use a pain medicine, it is important to consult your doctor so that the right medicine will be prescribed to you.

Do not mix hot food with cold food. If you are to bring two kinds of foods: hot foods and cold foods, do not mix them in one container. Just because you want everything to be portable doesn’t mean it is okay to mix them all together. You have to preserve the temperature of the cold and hot food. Well, the idea is cold foods should remain cold and hot foods should remain hot. It is not good to eat lukewarm foods. And preserving the temperature is not just for the sake of keeping it delicious, but to avoid being spoiled as well.

Hydrate yourself. Just keep on drinking water when you have diarrhea. Well, you are releasing a large amount of water every time you go to the toilet, you might think that it is not a good idea to drink water. You are wrong. The more you release water from your body, the more you need it the most. The biggest reason why you need to keep hydrating yourself is in order for you to replace your fluids. You will be in trouble if you will not be able to do this. This could lead to more serious health condition.

Place hot-water bottle on your stomach. Well, this may not be common, but putting hot-water bottle on the stomach may help cramps. It is an easy thing to do. Just make sure that it is not too hot. Just go for a temperature that your body can tolerate.

Trust your body impulse. When you feel like going to the toilet, just go. Again, the reason why you are vomiting or having diarrhea when you have been food poisoned is because your stomach is reacting. And you have to give what your body wants. Just let it out. You will feel better after everything has been released. Most people do something like taking anti-diarrhea, and that is not a good idea. Imagine the toxins that will come out of your body once you let it out. Drink water afterwards to replace what was lost. You really have to trust your body impulse on this one.

Get more potassium. When you vomit or have diarrhea, you will usually lose potassium in your body that is why you have to replace them. The best suggestions for you in order to bring back your body’s supply of potassium are sports drink or banana. You will feel even worse with potassium depletion that is why you have to take note of this if you want to feel better quickly.

Let the health department know about the incident. Any incident of food poisoning, especially if there are many people fell as victims should be reported to the health department. For serious cases, you might watch them over the news. The health department will investigate on what happened so that things like this will be avoided soon. Just let them know what happened so that those who need to be rushed to the hospital will get immediate treatment.

You have to be careful with what you are eating in order to avoid food poisoning. Also, you have to make an action right away just in case it happens. With proper knowledge on this situation you will be able to feel better quick and respond to emergency situations. It is also important to have the contact information of hospitals with you for emergency situations. For there are food poisoning that are serious.

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