About Us

The name of our site is Quality Health Tips where you can read useful articles about several health issues and how to solve them. This site is owned by a group of health enthusiasts, not necessarily health practitioners, who would like to contribute to the world by sharing researched information. And you’ve read it right; we research information by basing our facts from different sources: books and internet.

This site came into existence not just as a hobby but with a purpose. And here are the purposes of these site:

  • To increase one’s awareness of his health condition. The reason why we take for granted our health conditions is because we know nothing about it. We tend to think that it is just another headache, back pain, tooth ache, and the like, only to suffer in the end. Well, we would like to increase one’s awareness of his health condition so that he may be able to help himself. There are simple health situations that are curable at home and there’s no need to go to the hospital. By that, one will be able to save money. Imagine the money that you will spend in the hospital.

If one has an awareness of his health condition, he will be able to do something about it. And with that, his daily activities and diet is aligned to the purpose of improving his health. How are we going to improve our health when we have no idea how serious it is? Well, this is why we exist. And we exist to increase your awareness. Beware.

  • To prolong life. Well, basically we believe this is a huge goal. And prolonging life simply means adding a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a year, etc. to someone’s life. The thing is if you are going to stay for another 10 years in this planet due to your health condition, we want to add to that, but how? Well, we want you to learn how to protect your health and get rid of the hazards that may end your life earlier.

By publishing our articles, we believe that we are prolonging your life. We do not publish articles here that are not helpful. We research on them from reliable sources.  And we make sure that they are introduced and discussed by medical practitioners. Want to prolong your life? Read our articles. These are for you.

  • To give hope. Sometimes due to your extreme health condition, you tend to lose hope. And we do not want you to feel that. We want you to be hopeful that someday you can break away from your sickness, and that requires discipline and consistency on your part. We want to give you hope by educating you with what you can do with your health condition. Do not just stay idle the whole day doing nothing for your sickness for that may become worse. We want you to be happy. We want to see that smile drawn in your face.

Do not give up with your condition for we are not giving up on you. No matter how serious it is, we hope that we are able to give you the best advice. And we want to help more people like you in the near future.

How can we help you?

We promised that we are going to help you. And obviously, the best help that we can give is through our articles. We make sure that this site is functioning well and compatible with your device. We run this site through mobile testing to see to it that when you are using your iOS or Android gadget, you will be able to access to the contents.

As you can see, there are categories we put on this site for easy navigation. We want you to easily navigate through our contents so that you will find what you are looking for. We update our articles to make it fresh information and we never get tired researching for new knowledge to share to you.

We understand that there are so many existing health sites nowadays. And just like them, we want to help you. We are not in competition with them. We are just here to help you. That is all. Learn to help yourself with our easy to understand articles for we are helping you. Let us help one another.

The Authors

It is already discussed in the Disclaimer page the different staff of this site and that includes the authors. Well, to reiterate, the authors are dedicated to their services to the site and we make sure, before publishing the articles, that they are proofread and checked for information error. We want to give you the most factual information, though forgive us for our misses. We are working on this part. We do not provide medical help here, just pure information dissemination.

Our main concern

Our main concern is your health. Nothing more; nothing less. Give concern to your health too! Quality Health Tips is your online practical health information source. It is our pleasure serving you. Let us know what you are thinking right now. Contact us!


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